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Holy mystery of intimacy. Who does not wish that these minutes were clean, pleasantly sharp and significant for both. All until a certain period, different for each person, you understand that intimate relationships between the sexes, namely between spouses – something unusual and unknown, like the experience. And that is irresistibly attractive. But here the enemy was crippled hearts and thoughts, feelings and desires. We currently have unbridled perverted notion about the relationship between the sexes. The world is witnessing the corruption of evil desires, not needs. Each subsequently appears their distorted knowledge and the same distorted experience of sexual and marital relations. It is not customary to teach family and the more intimate relations – in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Scriptures, which expressed the will of the Creator.

How can we know the two that their relationship is pure and what is not. Today have lost the understanding of the purity and Holiness of the relationship. Maybe not all of it were before. But progress did the trick. It’s a great corruption on earth. Not passed it and those who consider themselves in the Assembly of believers, and at home – they are sodomites. Many say: “ALL clear between loving, all that they are nice and reasonable!.” So whether it’s. I wouldn’t know the answer to this question, if you wouldn’t trust my apprenticeship Himself to our Lord – Jesus Christ. And He teaches in all areas of life to have Him, God, vision.

“Therefore God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: and likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the female sex . inciting lust on each other. ”

I think everyone can understand the word” natural”? To eat mouth – naturally. The anus (butt) is unnatural. To have sexual contact with the help of relevant bodies naturally. And with the help of organs intended for another use – unnatural. As laid down by the Creator – it occurs in nature. Neither the cat nor the dog or the cow will not come to mind to have sexual contact in a different way than is given to their creation.

For this reason we created sex?

Argument 1: FOR procreation,

All nature, consisting of two floors, has the relationship between the sexes in neizvedannom, through certain States and parts of their bodies for reproduction . This is a lovely mating season, which is NOT for entertainment and satisfaction of sexual instincts is working in their States. They give life. breed and breed during the coitus.

Video about the miracle of the origin of life

Argument 2: FOR the manifestation of AGAPE LOVE.

In humans, except for procreation, yet – for the manifestation of Agape love is giving and not looking for myself, when two people are enjoying the unity of the spirit and the fusion of bodies and souls and give love to the other half. This especially occurs rapidly in the first year of their marriage. To do this, the groom even did not take to war. I realized that God has commanded to do, that the family had been established and the merging of the two into one unit there was a maximum at all three levels, giving even the heir is a child, the firstfruits of the father’s power and the first fruit of their unity in love.


Conceived by the Creator in the act of creation, sexual relations between spouses is only for marriage, and only in the possession of a bed – net.

Unacceptable distortion ( distortion), conceived by God the Creator, the act of merging in the love of husband and wife into one. God gave this relationship a sublime purpose, and not to satisfy his perverted spoiled Libertines. If we eat the food and put the food in your mouth and not in the anus or female genitals, it is only because the Creator intended. And nobody would have thought about it. He created us with such inclinations. These bodies for this purpose, and meant, “what” they laid the Creator. Even animals don’t want to frame or put your body where instinct God has laid. They are against instinct, laid down by God for procreation, not going. And people, created in the Image and Likeness of God, has fallen below the animals.

And if instead of the organs intended for procreation, looking for fun in the perversion, the person uses other body that is not designed for this? It is an abomination before God and in the destruction of that soul. The demon of debauchery took possession of him. If it were not so, it is possible booty, etc. But we all understand that this is crazy. And in sex – crazy lips to defile perversions. The lips that glorify the king of heaven, whom they turn to Him in all difficult moments.

Can clean from the unclean to come. Can a Holy God accept unclean, defiled prayer with such lips. Only accept the prayer of sincere repentance from sin of debauchery in which these sins are blotted out by Christ’s sacrifice. Also and anal intercourse – are rude, dirty, depraved action. These sins are the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah – the madness of debauchery in so-called “oral sex”, as well As in the so-called “anal sex”- specific homosexuality in the family. Because God destroyed Sodom And Gomorrah for these sins. In Romans that question is revealed. These actions are just insane these unfortunate and disclosed. It is told in the message, that the natural use of the male women and the natural use of the female sex men, crazy twisted in unnatural. And this is to their own destruction.

In the Scripture it is written how God speaks to man and offers to choose blessing and life or the curse and death. Why do you need to perish, saith the Lord. Choose life and blessing. But you chose death, says the Lord. .

A believer even in thought should not be such a sin of debauchery in the family. And there is one standard, the role model: Jesus Christ. Ask yourself doing or wanting to do something or other: “what would Jesus, the Lord. God Himself looks at my desires? “And you will get the answer, specific and clear. I got this question in a relationship with an unbeliever ex-husband – all further questions and wishes to participate anymore. And get always, every time, if you do not have clarity on anything.

I will say that marriage where the Creator of these relationships shows you how to build and fills them from Your Source – they are beautiful! They are wonderful and are not transferable. And when I turn away from manuals with advice as in what way the body has to get maximum pleasure knew: “I the Lord will always give instruction what to do in this relationship, because He knows how to make a wonderful relationship between two genuinely wish to learn how to love. “And – nothing happened. in the first marriage. There was not the soil on which to build. In the family there must be unity and one goal and sticking to that goal. Otherwise, it’s not family, and in the best case – the farm. And the kolkhoz ( collective farm) doesn’t make you happy. But in marriage by the will of God – I learned what I the Lord then gave the knowledge. I saw in practice how a great relationship in the Lord of the two become one and rebuild their lives with the “ego” to life “Agape”. This is a fascinating and very interesting process of creative work under the guidance of the Creator. In this process of discipleship God reveals to man a new world, and reveals in man his hidden in God’s skills and abilities, it removes from the heart all the dirt and rottenness of sin. As well as bringing daylight into the heart, soul, body, and life. But it is able to understand and evaluate only the person who has been born again and trusting in all things to the Father and to God. ‘t understand a man until he is born, to be nurtured and instructed, growing up (remember the story of the life of Mowgli)

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