What terrible punishment strap?


Who a child’s parents are not thrashed with a belt, hand, or actually what is necessary? Answer honestly — yourself hand on heart. I won’t lie — I was “educated”.

Do You know what is the impact of parental physical and psychological punishment on the child for his future life?

Let’s look at why you can’t punish the child, even if you really want and it seems that other methods of education?

Just note that the punishment of children the child with a belt and beaten — so-called “spanking” is not the worst thing that children.

The worst punishment for kids is not physical but psychological.

But let us all in order.

What parents crave, punishing his supposedly beloved child so violent methods — spanking spanking, ignoring, angry shouts, dirty abuse, blackmail on the principle of “If you don’t. I don’t know what you’ll do!”?

Many parents openly mock the bodies and souls of their children and this process is called harmonious word “Education”. And raise their crumbs dads and moms who can’t control their emotions, and selflessly like otygryval little butt for all the failures and defeats in life.

For dads and moms more important is not what is happening in the soul of the child, and that his behavior was consistent with their personal, illusory ideals. It is important that parents find free scapegoat . which there is no one to complain to their bitter fate, nowhere to go, nowhere to go from “happy” family home. Except on the street to be homeless to escape, except that horseradish radish is not sweeter.

Step right, step left — shot, or rather, corporal punishment, combined with a terrible moral humiliation of the child, feeling humiliated and destroyed by their own parents, or even more sophisticated form of punishment — psychological, when parents in a clear, active or latent blackmail (Yes, Yes, Yes! it is blackmail) baby your love, attention, care and affection.

If in the same “backward” America for the punishment of the child with a belt, blow, slap in the face, you can do serious jail time, in Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries, physical punishment, abuse of small and essentially defenseless man – is the norm of things even in a decent, honourable and wealthy families.

Baby punishment and their implications

1. No wonder Russians and Ukrainians (and others like us) are on the global statistics, the most unfortunate Nations in the world . commit horrific crimes against life and health of other people — relatives, neighbors, fellow citizens.

Our society is hindered on hatred for each other. The roots of this hatred grow from abnormal relations in the family where it is considered the norm, when the father beats the mother, the mother daughter thrashes his head against the wall, and the daughter rips the evil sister.

2. Punishment can only maim the child, but not to “educate” him.

Sanctions teach children the fear of having to submit to someone stronger. But flip flops are not taught to understand the reasons for certain actions. They are taught to hate and fear “Carabas-Barabas” in stretched pants, lie to him and tried to Dodge, but would not deal with him again.

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