What to do when your child lies

If it’s not quite a child who is not very difference between truth and own fiction, we should seriously enough to treat the manifestations of lies and figure out its cause. Usually, the main reason for this behavior is the elementary fear of imminent punishment, the desire to attract attention to themselves or the fear not to live up to parental expectations.

This is of course all right, but the most unpleasant and proven way – blowout. They need to bring on the ship (if you swim) and the road (if the road).

Think maybe you are bringing to your child is a very excessive demands, who, because of their age or development, simply can not meet. A fear of losing in this regard, your affection causes him to lie, exaggerating his achievements and “forgetting” about those offenses that have been committed.

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Why lie to us?

They not enough time to use formal language, collocations like “this company”, “the man”. Professional investigators always require detainees to tell the story from the end to reveal, cheating man in this Continue reading

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Every man is a transitional being, which every act or work out psychological problems of their parents, or passes them on to their children. Moreover, it should be understood that the speech in this case goes about the transfer of subconscious programs that the parents themselves determine the age of which a person has no conscious memories. Most people don’t notice it happening, so one German writer has called this process a secret Treaty generations. Parents have no idea how authoritative for the child at an early age by their words and actions. The child in his judgment about the world that possesses a critical mind, so all he has to say about the world, becomes a truth, which he takes in the system of his beliefs and can take through life. But what seems true parents, lived all his life in poverty is likely to be severely limit someone who wants to become rich. In childhood, we often find ourselves in situations where we feel powerless against the mighty giants – parents; therefore, at the age of three, apparent harmless, methods of education, as the control, regulation, criticisms and censure,are for a child is very significant. And coercion, deprivation of autonomy, manipulation through guilt and shame are far-reaching.

Is there a parent who did not abuse their power against a child?

How often do children hear: “No!”, “Don’t touch!”, “Don’t walk”. This is due, undoubtedly, to the safety of the child, but the bans from the necessary security tool has become a tool of manipulation for a more comfortable status of the parents. Much easier to shout ‘ Stop!’ sitting in a chair than to stand up and help overcome the child a dangerous obstacle. Easier to shout “don’t touch!”, than to come and spend efforts on the introduction of the child with an interesting object, such as scissors. Psychologists estimate that the average family child daily and gets 460 is negative, critical or limiting comments, and only 75 positive and approving. Soon the growing human body produces the reflex of uncertainty in their relations with the surrounding world. Continue reading

Healthy lifestyle of the family.


A child attending pre-school, influenced by two sets of micro-social environment created in the family and in preschool. These two different forms of providing conditions for the development of the child cannot be considered identical and opposed to each other. Each microsocial environment has both positive and negative possibilities for influence on the child to ensure its full development and good health.

The main positive factors family microsocial environment is the diversity of objects and phenomena that surround the child, continuous positive emotional communication with the adult, attention to individual features.

However, a family can have adverse effects: for example, when the family’s only child, at the wrong upbringing may be formed egocentrism, the inability to communicate with peers, slower formation of life skills (self and others), which affects the development and the state of his health, delay in social inclusion, fixing bad habits, redundant information (especially as a result of wrong watching TV).

All these negative qualities can be formed in the child, if the family unhealthy climate.

Taking care of the development and health Continue reading

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