Teach your child to read


Most important, perhaps, we should begin teaching children to read is the right approach . If the child is wrong to present the theory and practice of reading, he does not want to read.

Why you should start

To achieve results, you must engage in with the child regularly, but the lessons should be short. For starters, you can be limited to 5-10 minutes per day. You can further extend the classes up to 30 minutes. To learning to read child took interest to him, it is necessary to conduct classes in the game. In this case, the child will be easy and insanely fun to do.

Before you teach a child to read without any problems, it should be thoroughly learn the letters. To start your training easier with dice: the picture that is depicted on them will help the child to recognize familiar image. For example, the letter D – or – doll. Then during the game to offer the child to look for certain letters.

It should be remembered that constantly tell the child it is not necessary, then he will know that the parents will tell the correct letter, and remember it will not.

To start teaching children to read too early, the child, each letter is associated with a certain picture, so should the same letter to submit with different pictures, objects, or names of relatives. If you do not provide the advanced cognitive abilities of the child in learning letters, then in the future the student will have to read slowly. After studying the letters should teach your child to stack the simplest words. It’s not the reading, but then the child will be easier.

The role of the ABC in the baby’s life

Parents need to first purchase, the first in the child’s life book – ABC, because, to correctly teach a child to read without this book, it will be difficult. Nowadays wide range of educational textbooks with a variety of. pictures, it is advisable to look for a new book for the child the images. Preferably, if a page is not only the picture with the letter, but also a little poem from words that begin with that letter. Every day, before going to sleep repeat with the child the letters that have already studied. And don’t forget to read to the child in addition to fairy tales, quatrains, which he had heard before with the ABC. Such action will love the baby and will help him to remember better what they have learned and studied the letters.

When the entire alphabet will be studied, and the child will be able to identify each letter, we can safely move on to learning to read by syllables. First read the words should be short and light, such as mA-mA, PA-PA. But, it is necessary not to forget in parallel, repeat the letters with the child.

Usually at the end of the book there are suggestions that are made up of read words. Be desirable, if proposals are not large, it is also important that they contain information that is understandable to the child. Will be favourable, if the proposals will be image read with meaning, it helps a lot in learning how to read preschoolers, because on the picture the child reacts better. These pictures help the child to understand that he has read the proposal completely correct, and his efforts were not in vain.

After studying the art of reading by syllables, already it is necessary to read words which are not divided into syllables. You just need to purchase other books that will be printed small quatrains or stories. It is necessary to ensure that such books were also present in the image. Reading with your child a variety of quatrains, adults will pay attention not only on the development of reading, but also on the development of memory and logic thinking. If near quatrains or story will be drawings with meaning, the child will know that reads correctly. And it will be a good incentive for him.

A very important point is the correct mindset of a child, and not just reading words. The child must understand what he reads. In this case you can just read to ask questions, for example, to understand a sentence for the word and every word or action to pick up the issue. Sometimes, children may forget the words, when you teach poetry in the preschool years. It is desirable if the child reads the word, and it is important that his praise for the read. It is very important for the child, and helps him not only to develop reading techniques, but gives a kind of confidence in themselves and their abilities. It should not be forgotten, ask the child to tell in your own words, what he has read. Such actions help to develop a child’s memory.

When to start training

If a child shows interest in letters or words, it’s great. Then it will be much easier to work with the baby. So, how to quickly teach your child to read in principle is already clear. The question is, when should we start to learn the letters with your child:

2-3 years . The child at this age begins to understand what is happening around. Meets with colors, shapes, sizes items. But this age is not suitable for learning letters or the beginning of reading. At this age children do not understand what the letter is, and what is in the word. Now it would be better for him to learn about the world through the eyes, vision, hearing – but not reading.

4-5 years . At this age, many children learn poems in kindergartens. The child can already analyze what is happening around him. Now the kid can show interest in letters, numbers, and words. At this time it is already possible to begin to engage in educational games and learning letters. But it’s worth noting, if the child will react violently, to any classes, or failure will manifest reluctance, with the learning of letters and practice reading should wait a little longer.

6-7 years . Modern physiologists, psychologists, speech therapists and educators believe that this age is the most suitable and favourable for many children to start active development of attention, perception, memory and thinking. At this age children are physiologically ready to learn. Many children show a desire to learn new things. Older preschoolers may want to do. For most children it is the senior preschool age is the most favorable and effective for the beginning of learning to read.

Another important issue is whether the lessons of learning letters and reading to be harmful to children. Unfortunately, many parents want to get the result faster and provide a more challenging curriculum to the child, than he can take. You should take into account the age and individual characteristics of the child. And not to overload its job.

The first rules is mandatory for successful learning are:

Game . It’s a natural desire and activity of any preschooler. Effortlessly, parents can get the child. Learning letters and further reading can be fun for the child. You should maintain interest in the classroom . The use of various allowances may really help. To start reading is necessary only when the child can talk. Must also be sufficiently well developed oral speech of the child. If you notice defects speech defects, there is a need to consult a speech therapist. You should not compare the child with other children . Especially if they are inferior to others. The pace of development of reading skills for each individual child. You should not start the lessons, if the child is not ready, or he has a bad mood. To sense from such employment will not be.

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