Prevention of addictions in children


It is no secret that in the life of the younger generation there is the temptation to drink or smoke. And this shouldn’t surprise – a considerable income from sales of liquor and tobacco products nowadays bear children. The reasons for such action can be many:

– the desire to “appear” in front of their peers;

– unwillingness to be the black sheep in the eyes of peers;

– imitation of their elders.

And that’s not all.

How so?

In the lives of youth nicotine and alcohol is so deeply ingrained that already to try, no need to find yourself a bad company. Moreover, these addictions may be present in the lives of perfectly normal children from affluent families. The question is: what motivates them to do this?

And after all, it would seem that all parents (even the most irresponsible) conduct lectures to the child about the dangers of Smoking and alcohol consumption. However, their children do not argue and agree with what was said. However, when in the noisy company, at a raging party night or just on the bench, they were asked to try the “more experienced” buddies, words of parents go somewhere in the background.

It remains to ask ourselves about whether were prevention of bad habits to your child. Talk more about that.

Prevention of harmful habits

Not so long ago was conducted one study. The objects were two teenagers. In General, they did not differ from each other. Both were from the same class. Each of them lived in a wealthy family. According to the survey it turned out that the parents of these children in their time they lecture on the dangers of alcohol and tobacco products. And, as it turned out, the prevention of bad habits in one way and another family is not particularly different.

However, in the first case, the boy really protect themselves from the harmful practice. And even more – from “drug” companies. While periodically tried to help this or that his classmate to unsubscribe from this dependence.

In the second case, everything was different. The teenager didn’t hesitate to publicly pull out and smoke a cigarette, or knock over a bottle or two in the evening.

Why such a difference?

Parents of the first family adhered to a healthy lifestyle. And alcohol, if any at their table, only on holidays and in small quantities. In addition, they tried to be their child in the first place friends, not mentors. In the family were observed, and all conversations were conducted in the form of a friendly conversation, not a “dictatorship”.

What can be said about the second family. It often prevailed feast, accompanied by the use of alcohol. In addition, the relationship between parents and their child have been tense due to heavy transition age their child. Trying to influence him, they didn’t put enough attention to the development of methods of influence on their child.

Remember the old joke where the father lecturing his son about the dangers of drinking and Smoking, occasionally puffing on a cigarette and emptying all new and fresh glass of wine. Naturally, the prevention of bad habits will not produce the desired result.

Summary of the research

For the prevention of bad habits carried out by parents, brought a positive result, the family should include two main factors:

– warm relationship between parents and child;

– personal example of parents (healthy lifestyle, sports).

Only so adults are able to exert due influence on their offspring.

What are the measures of prevention of bad habits carried out at school?

Besides the parents, a large part of the responsibility for the child lies on the shoulders of school teachers. Therefore, prevention in the school of bad habits has a special place in the development of the student. A few years ago, bad habits were exposed exclusively to seniors, today is quite relevant to the prevention of harmful habits to younger children.

Common cause of development of addiction the boys becomes the imitation of adults. At her young age, the child tends to want to be free and independent. And the use of cigarettes and alcohol seems to them the only way to achieve the desired. Thus, it seems that they become more Mature in the eyes of their peers, can impress the opposite sex and to get respect in your company.

The influence of mass culture

It is not excluded and the influence of mass culture that came from the West. In the Soviet years the Ministry of culture has been closely monitoring the ideology of movies, cartoons and literature. Thus, motivated young people to grow and do not tend to “decay”. However, when there was access to Western cinema, the screen in front of the youth appeared movie stars of the new generation.

And the way almost every character included a cigarette, a cigar, a glass of beer and a glass of whiskey. Naturally, all this has affected the development of the younger generation.

Therefore, the primary method teachers in schools was the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Brought to the attention of pupils to the sport, nutrition and motivation, the teacher is the prevention of harmful habits among children.

Only thus can help to create a valid image of a strong independent person. Prevention of harmful habits among schoolchildren involves educating the child of the need to abandon the harmful practice through self-realization. In other words, students should understand that this should not parents and teachers, and himself.

In addition, the prevention of harmful habits among schoolchildren includes the control of the child. The teacher needs to communicate with his parents. And if will appear on the horizon bad company, you should sound the alarm, immediately notifying parents about this your student.

From choosing your child’s environment affects their behavior in the future.

The main task of prevention

The purpose of prevention of harmful habits is to develop aversion of the child to harmful practice. It is not enough to say that it is harmful. It is also necessary to prove.

In schools for such purposes often invite people respected by the guys. It can be actors, musicians and writers. Talking about how they achieved success, thanks to the fact that he refused at the time from drinking alcohol or Smoking, they make a significant contribution to the development of the child. Help to get the right values in life, thereby to make a decent choice, abandoning bad habits.

A couple of effective ways

Prevention of addictions in adolescents occurs by matching right and wrong, good and bad. So, if the girl to explain that her skin will age every cigarette, and thus, very soon she will no longer attract young people with their appearance, it is pretty effectively will affect her. Because, as a rule, already in adolescence, girls are becoming interested in the opposite sex.

While the boys are in their Teens enthusiastic girls even more. And in order to develop in them a rejection of bad habits, effective to talk about how they negatively affect men’s health. Moreover, the more detailed will be described effects, the more effective will be this discussion.

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