Parenting with love


The family grows favorite child, of course, the whole family takes care of him, and educate every member of the family understands the process of education.

Mom always loves and forgives pranks, grandparents – is a separate issue, they are pampered, and my dad trying to raise purposefully or not to intervene.

Parenting with love proven by many psychologists, but modern society interprets the concept “education of love” from different angles of vision.

In his book “How to prepare your child for life” Victor Klein helps parents to understand the education of children with examples of different couples. In families where there is love and understanding, easier experienced difficulties and problems.

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In such families the husband and wife, having different temperaments and outlooks on life, devoted to each other, love children and care for the happiness of the whole family. If the marriage is good, children are “like sponges” absorb parental love and easy to care. Love in the family manifested a constant interest and care for each other, children are more open to parents, therefore, the solution of children’s problems passes without nervous breakdowns, but on mutual understanding and trust.

In families where there is no love or parents play in love, the child may feel left out. Constant quarrels and dissatisfaction with each other affect the psyche of the child. Dislike in the family requires child morally go to, to hide their problems and joys.

Education boils down to “eat” and “lessons learned”, “go, walk” and so on. Sometimes these quarrels escalate into hate as a child begins to neurosis and education is reduced to zero. Victor Cline, in his book describes a family like this and advises that children in such situations, it is better to live with one parent who will love it. He considers such a marriage doomed for divorce, child to grow up in love, and his upbringing gave favor for him and for the surrounding community. Children are paying the price for failed marriage my health and loving parents need to remember this.

The love and understanding in the family is a big job. Loving parents, caring about oneself, taking care of children. A child is born for love, in Japan children are forbidden to punish. In many countries of Europe the education of the child is reduced to the dialogue and understanding of different situations. Parents must care for the child, to communicate with him and to interest them in your communication, that is, to generate interest in yourself. The manifestation of the mutual love of parents is beneficial to the upbringing of the child and increases the authority of the parents.

You have to remember that all children live emotions, not the mind, and can easily estimate the emotional state of the parents. Children understand that they are loved, when parents are paying attention, praise for good deeds, hug or Pat with the encouragement. Children feel very receptive and honest attitude, therefore, need to make it clear to the child that he is the best person in the world for parents.

Psychologists believe. that only mutual love of parents can make a child happy and obedient, so the love of the father to the mother is the best thing he can do for the child. Parenting with love is a responsibility and a great work of parents.

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