Advice to parents about the labor education children

How to teach a child to work? Advice to parents about the labor education of children

▪ The attitude of the child to work to the greatest extent depends on the parents, from their personal example. If parents themselves are not very hardworking people and constantly sort out among themselves who should cook, clean and wash, and teach a small child to work as equals with age it will copy the behavior of their parents. And there are families where parents from morning to evening, busy work, to teach a child to work they don’t have enough time. However, children in early childhood with pleasure begin to help parents, shouldering their share of responsibility for the performance of work on the house. If parents teach one, and themselves act differently, then you should not hope that their child will grow up to be hardworking and independent person.

▪The older the child becomes, the more instructions it can execute. Parents should always encourage the child’s desire to help them. Already the three year old try to do everything themselves. Many people want to independently make the bed, get dressed, wash dishes or wash your clothes. Some parents at this stage of education are making a mistake, they didn’t Continue reading

How to teach your child to do crafts?


To teach or not to teach? That is the question.

What if the child is already 4 years old,and he doesn’t know how to sculpt and creativity in General are not fond of?

To let things take their course or have techniques how to outwit him, and still teach to do a decent DIY?

“Lena, taking the opportunity, ask for advice and I. With kids everything is clear, they should be permitted to do what they want at the moment. But my oldest son is now in its fifth year went, it seems, time and specific creative skills to acquire. In the garden in his group such crafts are exhibited feast for the eyes! And we’re in the garden don’t go often sick. So you’re trying to teach him that all the kids his age already know.

But what have we got? Sculpt he does not know at all. Rolls the balls and sausages, as a two-year, and leaves him worse than a younger sister. My sentences like “let’s knock the car” (and it’s the best thing for him) says “I can’t”. In the end, molded me, and he happily plays with this machine. One time, however, persuaded him to stick two wheels for four.

A little better we with application, the main thing – in any case not to say that something is wrong, otherwise all interest is lost. Paint doesn’t want, loves to paint colors. I think at this age already it is impossible to start classes on the course, especially Continue reading

If greedy child


I don’t want to live with such a cheapskate like you, here’s your wedding ring!

— Where’s the box?

It seems that with each century, a growing passion of people to the consumerism, the possession of material goods. Greed begets envy, jealousy, greed, strife between relatives, pushes on crime. Greedy people regret not only for other things, they will share their time, knowledge, warmth, does not help in difficult times. Life with a mean person can turn into a nightmare for his family. Your child is not caught in the net of greed, instill in him a desire to share that generosity.

But not so simple. Let’s start with the fact that every man has property from which he did not want to leave. Imagine that to you on the street was approached by an unknown woman and asked your hairbrush or lipstick. You will reject her claim to your personal belongings. So whether or not to require the child to give to play with your toys little stranger who sees for the first time? If you look, we do this in order to make a good impression on the parents of a boy or girl applying for your child’s favorite toys. Do not force the child to share: having a defensive reaction in the form of greed.

Greed is the inordinate desire reign of possessing something. Be called a greedy child who does not want to part Continue reading

How to raise a child, raising children

Parenting – how to raise a child’s personality?

What moms and dads make mistakes in parenting– we all know it, and perhaps even normal, especially for young, inexperienced parents…

Often standing at the cash register in the store, we see the same picture: cries and tantrums of a child who wants so he bought some sweetness. And they, by the way, as luck would have it exhibited at the checkout. In our article we have sought the experience of German psychologists who talk about the errors made by the parents in the upbringing of children.

How to raise a child

German child psychologist Wolfgang Bergmann explains the problem of education of children with deep insecurities of parents: “Modern parents are more indecisive in matters of education than it did a generation ago. They know a lot, but, as it turns out, I don’t know anything…”

Being a parent is so hard because this is a new period of life. 100 years ago every family was brought up at least 5 children. Older children and parents participate in the education of their younger brothers and sisters. Still, the birth rate dropped significantly, families are all later. Because modern parents, in the majority, want to “stand up”, to make a career, and then start thinking about kids. The question Continue reading

I’m afraid

L. Ron Hubbard

(source “Miracles for Breakfast” Ruth Minshull, p. 10)

What are the fears of the child. Where do they come from? How do we, parents, when different stages of a child’s life the nature of children’s fears are different. This is due to the child transitions to a higher level in its development. And, anyway, there is quite a capable system enabling the parent to be the surest method to respond to changes in the child’s behavior. This system is based primarily on typical age-related changes in children.

I want first of all to say about fear of children before, so they can stay simply ALONE WITH THEIR EXPERIENCES. This is the greatest and hardest burden for the baby. and for a teenager. A parent can learn about it, it started to communicate with the child about it. But all the drama is that it puts adults in a deadlock. Why? Because we mistakenly believe our role is to protect the child by simple exclusion fear of his life. However, does it help? Here is one story – a conversation Katie (she’s four years old) and her mom in the dressing room dance Studio:

Kate: Mom, let’s get going. There in the corner, you may receive a bogeyman.

(girl pointing finger in a far dark corner of the room)

Mom: Well, what’s the bogeyman! Barmalei does not happen. He only lives in a fairy tale.

Kate: Continue reading

What to do when your child lies
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Why do children lie?
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Why do children lie?
"Our son/daughter is lying! What do we do?" is a frequent complaint of parents in the office of a child psychologist. Parents wonder why their child is lying, because in…

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