Important to teach your child to share with others?


Meanie-beef, pickles, lying on the floor, no one eats. This teaser, even some 20-40-60 years ago, firmly attached to each child, which is “clamped” toy, the solution of homework or a delicious sandwich. “Are you greedy?” – contemptuous curve and we put in these words all the hostility, which was capable of our little soul. No wonder that today, seeing the greed of their children, we immediately inwardly flinch: what to do? how to wean the child to be greedy? how to teach your child to share? And still do not realize that waving his hand to the greed of a child, we deprive it of the normal base for future development and formation.

• Why children are greedy? What is the nature of the excessive greed of a child?

• Why is it important to teach the child not to be greedy, to be able to share with other toys, food, items?

• What to do if there is greed in the child? How to teach your child to share?

We grew up in a society where greed is considered a bad trait. To share with others, even the last, to give the last shirt are values that are deeply sitting in the us at the mental level. And although we all grew up, and each became a separate adult, who earns money and spends exclusively in their favor, seeing greed, especially naked, how does it happen in young children, we cringe. What to do? – trying to look for a hint and we are often left alone with the problem.

The child is 4 years old, greedy to the extent that we have to blush for him. Recently we came to visit a family with two children. So he, what a disgrace, all the toys moved, books tucked under cabinets, behind the tablet jumped as if he’s killed. No amount of persuasion does not help, in response to requests to share, hysterical, screaming, aggression, tears in three streams. What a horror. Our psychologist to work urgently advised to get him a brother or sister, otherwise will remain greedy.

A child 5 years old, very greedily eats. I have the feeling that she’s afraid if she will consume this food. However, if it something tasty, to porridge she has another reaction. But give her the chocolates, enough of that stuffing my face with fingers on the sides looks around, chew – swallow. How to wean from the greed of a child?

The child is 2 years , gave it in the sandbox cookies and say, “Share with Sasha, he also wants”. My went and gave the boy a cookie, I’m sitting, touched the back. But Sasha took a cookie and is going to eat, and my – already jumped – rushed to him and come out of his mouth to pull out, but still the cry was raised such that it is impossible to bear. Surprisingly, another girl came up to my and gave a piece of candy. Itself! No one asked for! Well, here’s how the other children are not greedy, and I have so stingy growing.

Stop. No need to panic. Let us understand. Greed is not some strange disease that children get sick for no reason, no reason at all. This concept is clearly explained using a system-vector thinking . moreover, to determine which children are more prone to greed, and which less. To understand why greed is harmful to humans. And most importantly to understand how you can teach your child to share with others.

The ability to share with others is the key to a healthy, happy life

Categories “our General” – it is not clear to the kid. And that’s fine – 2 years doesn’t feel foreign, as something separate. “Give! Mine! Me!” – these are the slogans of a small child. Children are by nature selfish and all that is around them, they want to get themselves and reign. All the attention mom, all the toys in the house, all jam grandmother.

Adult life – just the opposite childhood. We can be, to feel happiness, not just living in pairs, working in a team, but also giving other people a piece of his work, love. At work only together with others, we create something important and need again for people. In the family, the husband and wife should create harmony among themselves. to live well and raise children. Man is not a separate entity, but part of the whole society. Living alone, looking up from others, we experience the greatest suffering. That is why it is so important to teach your child to share with others – it is a healthy sense of self in society. Having this ability at the most primitive level, for example, learning to share food in 2-3 years, he gets the correct base for all life. In the future you can build any implementation: within the family, and the team, and in society. Without this base, not being able to give to others, being greedy at its simplest, it is not possible to become a truly happy person. Because, not being able to share with others, it is impossible to create something for others. Unable to give a piece of a cookie for a friend, is it possible to create a plane, build a bridge, generally to work on something for the benefit of others and not yourself? Can: for wages, of responsibility, of duty. But really enjoying taking pleasure in life, only learning to give of ourselves and to feel how it brings joy to others.

There are children who are more prone to greed. A child may greedily, to dread to share a toy, hide your stuff, etc. In General, to have all the signs of superdata. Most likely, this child has skin vector. To pull all to myself, “never give all mine” is the primitive behavior of skin of a person, a program that is triggered in the child with dermal vector, as he makes his personal belongings. The behavior in this case it is very similar on ancient man – pulling all without discrimination in his cave, and there shall understand. Greed can manifest itself not only to food and toys, but also to the perfect junk: the child begins to drag into the house of broken things, thrown by other children, dirty candy wrappers. To better understand how to properly raise children with skin vector read the article:

How to wean from the greed of a child?

To expect from your child that he himself will cease to want “for themselves” and begin to “share with others” – is useless. Especially if the first child greed support – Sadasiva expensive toys and stuffing food into your mouth forcibly. But there are parents who are handing the child a new toy, necessarily sentence “don’t let others ruin and broken, and I will not buy you a new one. “Not surprisingly, as a result, the time is coming, and the greed will only increase.

In order to wean from the greed of the child, not necessarily to have a brother or sister, although, of course, children in large families receive from nature that vaccine – the ability to share. But even if it so happens that in a family one child – this does not mean that it is possible to put a brand – greedy. The child can share with mom and dad, grandparents, neighbors, friends in kindergarten. In adult life we are surrounded by many people with whom we are in unrelated ways, but we need to interact with them, so to loop the child only on the brother and sister is a restriction. To teach you need to share not on a related principle, but human.

Even our grandparents, from an early age taught the child shares. Given a hunk of bread and said: do not eat yourself, share with a mother, a brother, a friend. It is best not only to teach the child to give up something already played enough or what one does not want to eat, and to go further – to give him a skill to share the latest, what is most lacking. Just not to give a single wafer, when the remains of a bunch of them, and to only give candy to a friend, tearing her away, not eating, but to enjoy what she enjoyed another. The happiness that we get by giving another, much more than when absorbed in themselves. A small child can easily understand this, if we act gently and correctly, and not by force and forcing.

To find the approach to the child, to wean from greed, to teach them to share from an early age – not so difficult for loving parents, who know their own child. There are many good tales on this subject, psychological techniques, and so on. Ideally, of course, in this educational work to rely on intuition, common knowledge on pedagogy and the experience of previous generations to help you, BUT the most IMPORTANT THING HERE – an accurate understanding of vectorlogo set child. Knowing the inner desires of the child, his nature, it is easier to find the right “key” to it. Not to break it, but to build him and his pleasure.

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