If greedy child


I don’t want to live with such a cheapskate like you, here’s your wedding ring!

— Where’s the box?

It seems that with each century, a growing passion of people to the consumerism, the possession of material goods. Greed begets envy, jealousy, greed, strife between relatives, pushes on crime. Greedy people regret not only for other things, they will share their time, knowledge, warmth, does not help in difficult times. Life with a mean person can turn into a nightmare for his family. Your child is not caught in the net of greed, instill in him a desire to share that generosity.

But not so simple. Let’s start with the fact that every man has property from which he did not want to leave. Imagine that to you on the street was approached by an unknown woman and asked your hairbrush or lipstick. You will reject her claim to your personal belongings. So whether or not to require the child to give to play with your toys little stranger who sees for the first time? If you look, we do this in order to make a good impression on the parents of a boy or girl applying for your child’s favorite toys. Do not force the child to share: having a defensive reaction in the form of greed.

Greed is the inordinate desire reign of possessing something. Be called a greedy child who does not want to part with their belongings, at least biased. The kids road their stuff, they get attached to them, correlate them with certain memories. Just like adults, isn’t it? Children are more willing to share with their friends or acquaintances of the guys. Especially hard for a child to leave with a new toy, which he still is not enough enough, or favorite thing. Therefore, if you are expecting guests with children, invite a child to hide toys, whom he values, leaving those he did not wish to share with buddies.

Many children don’t like when you give someone their become little clothes and shoes. Up to 4-5 years the child can perceive your stuff as a part. Explain to your child what things he is already low, he will not be able to wear them at all desire, and the other kid they fit; old things are in the closet, nowhere to put clothes. If the little things give to a charitable organization, explain to your child that you share with people in need of assistance.

You must teach the child to respect the property of others: not to deprive the children their toys, not to take things without permission adults, to apologize for such incidents.

The child can bring from kindergarten, sandboxes, playgrounds someone else’s favourite toy. Remind the child that the alien can not be taken, and make sure that he returned the toy to the owner. At the age of 4-6 years time to reveal to the child the meaning of the word “theft” and to warn against this offense. Explain to your child how it’s not nice to beg, to beg from their friends things.

Often children are greedy, emulating the “grasping” mom or dad. Have stingy parents have a chance to raise a child a real cheapskate, and they won’t share. To teach the child to be generous, show him by example, share with all members of the family delicious, commenting: “I Want to share with you, help yourself, enjoy your meal!” Refer the child to share some delicacy for all households. When a child is in a hurry to treat you to something delicious, don’t say, “Thank you, eat by myself, in my childhood I ate”, don’t pretend you don’t like this food. Gratefully accept the treat, praise the child for his generosity. Encourage your child to entertain friends, releasing him for this fruit, sweets.

Imagine if you brought home a box of cakes, each one decorated with icing. Eating the icing from your cake, the child asks for cherries with the rest. Use the situation for educational purposes: explain to your child that both you and dad, and grandma too, want to eat the cake with cherries.

Engage children in the preparation of the gifts and surprises for family and friends: together choose, buy, pack, hand. The child will understand that when you share, give others joy, make it nice.

With regard to children’s quarrels because of the unwillingness to share toys, ask the children themselves to come up with options for what to do, or offer willing to swap toys for a while, to take turns, play together. The child must understand that a swing and a slide — General, therefore, it is necessary to use them, observing sequence. Read with Chad books, watch cartoons, play scenes with toys about how greed pushes away from the person other people how disgusting the behavior of the greedy man.

Teach children generosity and educate the rejection of the greed of the following works: V. Oseeva “Blue leaves” and “Cookies”, V. Sukhomlinsky “Greedy boy”, M. Skrebtsova “tale of a generous heart”, N. Pospelova “Generosity”, the brothers Grimm “mother Hulda,” and “gifts of the little folk”, A. Pushkin “the Tale of the fisherman and the fish”, a folk tale of “Two hungry bear” and “the Fox and the thrush”.

Very instructive cartoons “is a Tale of greed”, “the Golden antelope”, “Greedy rich”, “Whose cones in the forest”, “Dinosaur”, “Greedy Kuzya”, “Oh, Maslenitsa”, “click”, “Cricket”, “Forestry chronicle”, “Just”, “LUN-tik”.

I want to warn parents that excessive generosity is not always good: the child “everyone gives”, ready to give to their detriment. In the future this may lead to inefficiency, an inability to live within our means. It is important to teach your child to politely refuse, saying “no”, to follow their interests and become a reliable person. Also explain to your child that you should not buy the attention and friendship gifts, it is better to learn to communicate correctly.

5-6 years preschooler may already be a small pocket money, own piggy Bank.

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