How to teach your child to do crafts?


To teach or not to teach? That is the question.

What if the child is already 4 years old,and he doesn’t know how to sculpt and creativity in General are not fond of?

To let things take their course or have techniques how to outwit him, and still teach to do a decent DIY?

“Lena, taking the opportunity, ask for advice and I. With kids everything is clear, they should be permitted to do what they want at the moment. But my oldest son is now in its fifth year went, it seems, time and specific creative skills to acquire. In the garden in his group such crafts are exhibited feast for the eyes! And we’re in the garden don’t go often sick. So you’re trying to teach him that all the kids his age already know.

But what have we got? Sculpt he does not know at all. Rolls the balls and sausages, as a two-year, and leaves him worse than a younger sister. My sentences like “let’s knock the car” (and it’s the best thing for him) says “I can’t”. In the end, molded me, and he happily plays with this machine. One time, however, persuaded him to stick two wheels for four.

A little better we with application, the main thing – in any case not to say that something is wrong, otherwise all interest is lost. Paint doesn’t want, loves to paint colors. I think at this age already it is impossible to start classes on the course, especially if the child himself expresses no desire to do anything interesting. Or am I not right? But how to interest him?

I think it’s his character (the same personal characteristics). He’s a little vicious, loves to design – from the designer constantly comes up with new versions of cars and cities. Interested in mathematics. But it must be the same and with other parties to develop, and what if he has no desire?

By the way, the youngest daughter (soon 3 years) great pleasure draws, sculpts, makes the application. Sometimes I plan and sometimes as the soul wants. But indifferent to the figures, does not learn to count to 10. These are different children”.

Irina, You come into the garden and see the result – kids crafts. But You don’t see how they were made. After all, what children can do, does not mean that they actually know how to do it.

Suppose applique: cut their caregiver leaves and petals, were distributed to children and ordered where to drip glue and where to paste to make a flower. Or on modeling the teacher says, “Children, ‘re all looking at me. Take the right hand plasticine, etc.”

As evidenced in this case, children’s crafts? That the child listened to the teacher and repeat after him. Look at kindergarten crafts, because they’re all the same, right?

Now take these children, give them a piece of paper, scissors, glue – what crafts they make themselves? The same beautiful?

And if children in the kindergarten taught rollerblading, skydiving, playing the violin, baking pies, sewing pants, because someone from above has sent the command? You would and this is also taught his son?

Anyway, who determines at what age what skills a must own child?

If the child is not interested, so he don’t need it now. And no good to teach him that he doesn’t need. Remember how much knowledge they gave us in school, how many of them remained unclaimed and therefore neglected. I, for example, in an emphasis I do not remember what the integral, while the math as nuts clicked.

So it is with children’s creativity. Pebble it has not converged. When my son desperately will need to sculpt a car, they will forget about “I can’t” and blinded himself so, as you see fit.

I have purposely not taught him to sculpt or draw something specific. In 2 years he is very impressed with a crane and started to draw it. In 15 minutes he drew 27 cranes in the smallest details! I still don’t know how to draw like this

He also sculpted, like Your son. He said: “I can’t”, I molded myself and he played with my crafts. One day we bought a new clay, and the Earring just started to bend. He was then 5 years. Bent has attached wheels, handles – get a stroller. I like this stroller would never have thought of simply because I have never folded the clay – I have other ideas about modeling

The child can develop some practical skills, and can develop his creativity – ability to come up with something extraordinary. You can teach standard techniques of drawing or application, and can stimulate the imagination and encourage inventing their own methods. Serge, for example, glue is rare, most craft projects and applications it does with tape And Your son, it seems, creativity is also okay.

Even such a thought.

Which means the answer of the child: “I can’t”? If Your son comes up with new machines (and that in itself is wonderful!), it means that he has in mind is some ideas that You do not even know. And then You come and offer him to sculpt the machine from clay.

Offer him from the height of its experience and its level of development and imagination. Boy, this way of doing cars obviously are not inspired, because he just has other plans. And clay here may simply not fit in. Your suggestion it seemed uninteresting and/or irrelevant, and so he refused to do what You came up with.

With us, adults, everything is exactly the same.

Let’s say You have conceived to make the room. Figured out what Wallpaper paste, what curtains to hang. And then someone comes and starts to impose their ideas: hang a picture, Wallpaper stick diagonally in the corner and put the statue. But with Your idea it just doesn’t add up – neither in style nor color, nor the finances, etc. But how many new skills You would have acquired

And with children. Well he does not want to sculpt a car, because he has other plans. Right from clay can not only machines to sculpt Offer to do car accessories, road signs, curbs, walkways, passengers, cargo, house, clay can be “repaired” cars. What if this is what he needs? And there too, in the process he will learn to sculpt, and paint, and even better than in the garden know how.

But if he again don’t need it, then next!

So my advice is.

No matter how old your child is. Offer him your ideas not for their own pleasure, and to push his imagination. The child definitely will take note of your suggestions and will find a use for them, when in his opinion.

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