How to motivate dad to school with your child?

Here I read a lot of different newsletters, publications, magazines on the subject of child development and healthy parenting. Everywhere a lot of information for moms. Here mom, these are great, have learned to catch everything, and a time plan, and children develop, develop themselves, etc. are All fine, but where’s the Pope? Okay, most dads – work and family, so mom could have a child/children. But they too must take part in the upbringing and development of children. Clearly, every family has their views on it and their own rules. Yes, and to work with dad-to-date prices should be very much… still, back to the main – dad needs to take part in the development of the child from birth.

The second question is how the Pope to this motivation, if he is afraid or does not want, or excuses all the time? I believe that such strong family simply can not be – adult conscious person understands that a child needs both parents equally. And find the time to half an hour a day a child to read or to Tinker with the toy, or to go for a walk is not a problem.

What to do if the Pope understands, agrees with this opinion, but still shirk their responsibilities? Start small – for example: “Oh look 5 minutes, I have escapes milk/undercooked porridge, etc”. When you’re sure that dad copes 5-10-15 minutes, without you, looking for an excuse to escape for half an hour or an hour. During this period dad can offer options for things to read, games favorite child, etc.

Many dads there is the fear of a child just because they don’t trust the wife . I mean it is the issues of education and development. Know any dads who before the year was afraid to take the child in his arms… besides, the wife forbade them to do so!

Do not be afraid to entrust the child to the husband. Men who are afraid of kids – the most attentive . just help them to overcome this fear under his strict guidance and assistant.

With regard to lessons with older children. Most parents take their children to kindergarten, it’s understandable. Some lead on various activities, preferring to have a child with involved professionals. But there are some that opportunities like this do not have. Do not let finances or something else.

Many people try to do at home, and here, too, an important factor of the Pope. For example, mom – teaches reading, dad – doing exercises. Mom draws – daddy bathes. And stuff like that.

It is very convenient to make a visual schedule for the whole family – who does what when. Moreover, such great graphics discipline the whole family. Development of the child is not embarking on the course. For example, our schedule, we have two children, 5 years and 2 months.

Monday: dad – doing exercises, mom – lesson reading and English language;

Tuesday: mom doing exercises, dad does math and conducts observasi occupation;

Wednesday: dad – charge, mother – reading, writing, creativity;

Thursday: – mother – charging, dad – mathematics; dad is English;

Friday: dad – charge, mother reading and creativity.

Courses with an older daughter. It is clear that in the morning my mommy has to cook Breakfast, and dad get ready for work, but 15 minutes to jump, to run around the house, waving their arms and legs we find. Moreover, it is useful to all!

In the days that charging makes mother – father devotes more time to the kid. If he doesn’t sleep, dad can do gymnastics with it, or want to get a massage, or just to shake his hands.

Yet, from an early age we are taught the daughter to fall asleep to a story. We read tales in turn. Day mother, day – dad. Very convenient!

The weekend is a sacred time. All the rest! We go out for a walk, or I send her daughter and husband on a fishing trip,and the rest are younger.

As for lessons – one lesson lasts no more than 15 minutes. The child does not have time to lose interest and something remembers. If something fails – you can always negotiate.

This simple method we all use!

You are waiting for your examples of dads who consciously devote time to their children.

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