How to find the time with two small children on his hands?

When I only have a second daughter was born, the world just turned upside down. I didn’t know where to go, what to grab and how to manage everything. On hand were two screaming little kids (daughters the difference is 1.5 years old): one is a control freak, second, one’s teeth, the second my tummy hurts… she is not getting enough sleep, all superimposed, chores to do once. And against this background I started to get annoyed, to fall on the husband yelling at his elder daughter.

All this I endured two months. Then I realized, what I did was wrong and started to look for information, how to live with two small children. And came across the flylady forum where I found the first principle, which I loved, helped me overcome that period and learned a lot.

So, the first principle . Not done and can do . Now I never plan on spring cleaning for a few hours. If I have 10-15 minutes free, then I just take, for example, my floors. Or have 5 minutes – I’ll wash the kitchen sink.

As a result, I don’t have to force yourself. Imagine: it’s one thing when you have three hours to clean the house, do absolutely not want to. And quite another when between, just to switch from one activity to another. Fifteen minutes a day to donate to the routine, I think, is quite possible. So now the process of cleaning the house I have is as follows. Let’s say on Monday I wash the floors, Tuesday dusting and my entire household, on Wednesday I clean the glass and dismantled wardrobe, on Thursday I wash and sort baby clothes. In General, it is divided into days of the week.

The second principle . He also I really like called “do something” or “do bad.” Helps to get rid of perfectionism.

Agree, better to do than not to do. So when I really do not want to do something, I tell myself, “Just go and do! And no matter how it goes, as long as you did and forgot about it”.

For example, I need to write some article, but not written. It seems to know what to write, but somehow does not work at the moment. I throw all my expectations, which I think should be a story. Just sit down and write. As it happened, it happened. And I publish.

Especially, this principle works well when the cases are really a lot: you know, what to think, as you did once already. You are so accelerated that when you turn back, you realize that it is actually done quite well, in acceptable quality and to think this is not necessary. Surrounding do not notice the difference between “good enough” and “perfect”. Therefore, it is very recommend you to use this principle.

The third principle . With young children, of course, everything is always very unpredictable and often rush jobs happen. So help me in this case, the threefold principle of planning . Ie I write a day is not one plan, but three. There is a plan to a maximum when all goes well. Have a plan – optimum, the minimum that I usually have time to do during the day, if there are no unforeseen events. And plan at least – if Abraham, that is, one or three things which I should do today. And then I do not feel that I have a lot zaplanirovali, but nothing done.

In this way, I make a flexible plan for the day. And moreover, I further simplify this system. Now just write down three things for the day, all the others I write below the line. There are three things that need to be done, and the rest if we have time and mood. As a result there is no sense that you’re not all done. Tonight I am proud to affix these three checkboxes, and a couple more ticks on the list below the line. And I realize that there is this long list, only three or four ticks. I.e. there is no feeling that I have fulfilled the plan only 20-30% and again nothing done. A long list from which I made the day three or four points, for me, just like a shot at me. It’s so hurts the self-esteem that I refused this planning. The feeling that I put a small task, but I made it, more comfortable, and now I go to sleep with a completely different attitude and Wake up the next morning in a better mood, ready again to do something.

The fourth principle . This full sleepy rest during the day . Because if you will not sleep, you are constantly in a depressed mood, you will have reduced efficiency. You will not do anything to catch, just because your mind will function in chrome, cropped mode. Therefore, a full night’s sleep for a young mother, especially if she has several children, is very important.

You should monitor sleep mode and allow yourself to sleep as much as you need. Even during the day when the kids are asleep, and you feel that not enough sleep, better lie down and rest, sleep with them. Then after waking up you will make your business faster than if it walked like a sleepy fly all day.

In addition, without the mood, you will not be able to work with children. Your children need a cheerful, smiling, happy mom. Not just a mom, trying to explain something, to count cards, read. And a fun, happy mom, which of these classes is also a pleasure.

The fifth principle . Try to optimize the routine .

What does it mean? Make minimum movements. For example, the same process of gathering for a walk with young kids is a circus: one ran away, the second… So I have on the shelf in a closet is a complete set of clothes for leaving the house. I just get her out of there, put it beside him on the couch, catch one child and quickly dressed. Then just put the second. Herself dressed in 3 minutes and we go out for a walk.

When you come back from a walk, the first thing I do is take off with children clothing, my hands, and put my clothes back on “walking” shelf. Because if I shall be every thing to look in the closet for five minutes and after chasing the baby to him to wear, and then the next thing, I spend a lot of time and most importantly, nerves. Easier all baby clothing store in one place and to dress your child all at once.

Another example of the optimization routine – cleaning the house on week days. I never spend a weekend or a whole day. I arrange the cleaning of the apartment on the days of the week in blocks of 20-30 minutes.

There is another little trick how to optimize the cleaning, if there is no time or mood to do it now. For example, I don’t want to wash the sink. But I realize that I want to keep it clean in the kitchen, but now her mood to wash no. I take the wipes for sinks and stoves, and two or three napkins to wipe the sink or the stove. They are so well remove grease stains that the effect of purity is enough. Of course, he is saved not as long as after cleaning the stove or the sink with a sponge with a special tool, but for one day it is enough.

I love to do it before we leave somewhere. The morning scurrying around, going, still some crumbs remain on the stove, and wash it all once already. And rubbed and when you come back, so it’s nice that plate clean.

Therefore, we can find a way out of the most desperate situations, when you don’t want to do anything or have little time. Here is wiping the sink with a cloth takes literally 30 seconds. And the sink is still shiny and the feeling you have absolutely other. You are full of pride in yourself that you are a good hostess and you have a shiny sink.

To be continued…

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