Homosexuals are incapable of caring for children


Supporters of same-sex partnerships zealously argue that children still, do they have a mom and dad, or their two grown men (or two women). Rosemarie and religious organizations, as well as many psychologists vengeance scream that grew up in the atmosphere homosexual relationship children will, by default, psychologically traumatized and handicapped in life.

But due to the fact that the legalization of same-sex partnerships and the “marriage” began to occur in some countries not so long ago, until recently there was no reason to do an objective scientific conclusion. For a simple reason — had not increased the generation of such children.

However, in the fall of 2010, mark Regnerus, doctor of sociology, associate Professor at the University of Texas at Austin (USA), began his famous research on the topic “How different adult children whose parents have same-sex relationships”. His work, the scientist has completed a year and a half later — in 2012. However, the data analysis continues to the present day they are available to all interested scientists, through the Inter-University consortium for political and social research at the University of Michigan.

Shocking consequences

The study involved 3000 adult respondents whose parents were in same-sex sexual relations. In the end, the obtained data was truly shocking. However, it should be expected. But this was first proved by authoritative academics from a reputable University, and the results were published in no less an authoritative publication “Social Science Research”.

The high level of sexually transmitted infections. In the published data reported that 25% of children of homosexual parents had or have a sexually transmitted disease — because of their specific lifestyle. For comparison, the number of infected peers from wealthy heterosexual families is fixed at 8%.

The inability to store family loyalty. And here is the reason of this level of infection. Those who were raised by homosexual parents are much more lenient with infidelity — 40%. A similar indicator of loyalty to treachery among who grew up in heterosexual families — 13%.

Psychological problems. Following the shocking fact to 24% of adult children of same-sex “families” recently planned a suicide. For comparison, the level of such sentiments among grown up in a normal heterosexual families is 5%. Brought up by homosexual parents men were significantly more likely than immigrants from heterosexual families are turning to psychotherapists — 19% versus 8%.

This is not surprising. After all, 31% grew up with mom lesbian and 25% grew up with a homosexual father were ever forced to have sex against their will (including parents). In the case of heterosexual families about this report, only 8% of respondents.

Socio-economic helplessness. 28% of those who come from families where the mother was a lesbian, are unemployed. Among immigrants from normal families, this level is only 8%.

69% of those whose mother was a lesbian, and 57% of those, whose dad was a homosexual, said that their family had in the past received government benefits. Among ordinary families this is true in 17% of cases. While 38% of those who grew up with mom lesbian, still live on state benefits, and only 26% are employed full-time. Among those whose father was a homosexual, only 34% currently have work at full load. For comparison, among who grew up in heterosexual families only 10% live on state benefits and half are employed full time.

The disorder of sexual identity. And finally, the figures that completely destroys the myth that parenting in same-sex “family” does not affect sexual orientation matured child. So, if dad or mom had a homosexual relationship, only 60-70% of their children call themselves as completely heterosexual. In turn, more than 90% of people who grow up in a traditional family, to identify themselves as completely heterosexual.

Attempt to close the mouth of Regnerus

Significantly, when mark Regnerus worked on the publication of the data obtained, he began an aggressive information campaign. LGBT activists demanded to prevent the public announcement of the study results. The hotheads began to slander, calling Regnerus a fraud and a charlatan, demanded to dismiss professors from the University of Texas. Even many scientists took up arms against his colleague.

Then, the University has carefully examined all the charges and meticulously analyzed all the data obtained by Regnerus. Separately verified the methodology of research. As a result, the University confirmed that scientific work is of the highest quality and meets the academic requirements.

Journalists of the Internet newspaper “All the news” came in contact with Professor mark Regnerus to clarify this situation.

— Who and for what purpose questioned Your study? Who conducted the investigation and to what conclusion reached by the Commission?

— I understand that You are interested in precedent with the investigation conducted here at the University of Texas, concerning the respect for me to research ethics. The decision to initiate an investigation was taken after the new York public activist and blogger has filed a complaint alleging that from my side there was a breach of scientific ethics. The research Department of the University conducted an investigation and concluded that the evidence presented to me the violation was absent. Thus, the question was removed.

— How would You explain the persistent desire of the LGBT community to seek Your removal from work at the University and the prohibition of the publication?

— The fact that in the US the rights of sexual minorities and the struggle for the recognition of same-sex “marriages” — the issue is extremely sensitive. That is why all the stages of research — from my work as an author to review process and, finally, attracting media attention — all this took place under the microscope. I responded to your criticism of my research in the November issue of the same journal “Social Science Research” (2012) and published the results. All interested scientists in this industry have the opportunity these results to analyze and draw their own conclusions. But directly the data we have published is accurate.

Also it is significant that this study was devoted to a long article in The New York Times. This authoritative edition also felt it necessary to publicly notify readers about mark obtained Ragnarosa the results. Thus, the international community is hardly the first received authoritative study, which sheds light on the tragic consequences of raising children in families where parents practiced homosexual relationships.

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