Healthy lifestyle of the family.


A child attending pre-school, influenced by two sets of micro-social environment created in the family and in preschool. These two different forms of providing conditions for the development of the child cannot be considered identical and opposed to each other. Each microsocial environment has both positive and negative possibilities for influence on the child to ensure its full development and good health.

The main positive factors family microsocial environment is the diversity of objects and phenomena that surround the child, continuous positive emotional communication with the adult, attention to individual features.

However, a family can have adverse effects: for example, when the family’s only child, at the wrong upbringing may be formed egocentrism, the inability to communicate with peers, slower formation of life skills (self and others), which affects the development and the state of his health, delay in social inclusion, fixing bad habits, redundant information (especially as a result of wrong watching TV).

All these negative qualities can be formed in the child, if the family unhealthy climate.

Taking care of the development and health of the child begins essentially with the organization of a healthy lifestyle in the family. A healthy lifestyle is and favorable emotional climate in the family, friendly, friendly attitude of the parents to each other and to the child; and it is correctly organized, good nutrition, and the use of movement, exercise, air, and sufficient labor activity, and, of course, exemplary behaviour of adults, their negative attitude to alcohol and Smoking.

Let us discuss these issues in more detail, as the addiction to alcohol and Smoking can harm the baby before birth. In women who continue to smoke during pregnancy, significantly more miscarriages, dead children are born or they die in the first days and months of life. There are known cases, when a child is born to Smoking women, is behind in physical and mental development. We must remember that the harm of tobacco smoke for children, pregnant women are extremely high. It is established that an adult non-smoker, being in a smoke-filled room in only an hour, gets a dose of tobacco poison equal to four cigarettes. So, baby this dose is much stronger. The research also found that even a single use of alcohol has a detrimental effect on the reproductive cell. The conception in a time when at least one parent was in a state of intoxication, may lead to the birth of a defective child. Such children often lag behind in development, suffering from various neuropsychiatric diseases. This is due to the fact that alcohol, like nicotine, can easily cross the placental barrier and enters the fetal circulatory system, affecting primarily developing nervous system. The most sensitive germ to the action of alcohol in the first weeks or in the first days of its development, when there was formed the placenta (afterbirth), the Fetus does not have its own independent circulation and is powered directly from the blood stream of the mother, so that the concentration of alcohol in the blood of the mother corresponds to its concentration in the blood of the fetus.

Has a detrimental effect on offspring alcoholism not only the mother, but to the same extent and father. Alcoholism is not inherited, but congenital inferiority nervous system in children born to alcoholics, creates preconditions for psychical inferiority, and the predisposition to alcoholism.

The use of alcoholic beverages containing 50-100 grams or more of alcohol (150-200 ml vodka, 0,5—1 liter of wine), causes the adult healthy person expressed intoxication, which interferes with normal brain activity.

Children and adolescents are more sensitive to the effects of alcohol. They may be even fatal poisoning. For children of preschool and younger school age children lethal dose of alcohol is about 3 g per 1 kg of body weight for a teenager —4—5 g, i.e. a child weighing may die from 45 g of alcohol (about 100 ml of vodka), and teen weight 40-45 kg — from 100-200 g of alcohol (0,25— 0,5 l of vodka).

Extremely sensitive to the effects of alcohol infants. There are known cases of fatal poisoning by alcohol babies after the mother who consumed alcohol, breastfed the child.

The emotional climate of the family is very important for the child. It was found that children in divorced families often develop worse than children of a single mother. This is largely due to the nervousness of the situation: during this period, the adults do not pay enough attention, so the conditions of their development are deteriorating. For older kids such a situation in the family is extremely difficult. Because children are dearly loved father and mother. Understand how hard going through this, the child quarrels between the parents.

Entire life and lifestyle of the family is of great importance for the normal development of the child. The negative effect on the nervous system and on the individual children’s differences in your approach adults, for example, the father is too strict, and her mother is too soft or when parents spend one line in education, and the grandmother of another, etc.

Uneven approach to children is often observed in families where the adults do not always control their behavior: easily explode, start yelling at each other and the children immediately begin to caress the child, strive to appease him. Affects the formation of a child not only salustiana, but excessive rigor, permanent injunctions to satisfy his legitimate desires and needs. The child starts early enough to highlight your personality; friendly, attentive and respectful attitude of adults helps him establish himself as a person. Well, when my parents go on holiday with children, walks in the Park, in the woods, skating, skiing. When the child grows, you can take it with you and in tourist campaigns.

Involving a child in the labour force of the family, providing him with early childhood the opportunity to provide all possible assistance to adults, helps to shape he needs to work.

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