Formation and development

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Self-consciousness. The formation and development of self-consciousness

The first “I” uttered by a child in 2-3 years, testifies that in his mind formed self-consciousness. He began to perceive myself as a kind, yet vague in his mind the creature.

A creature that lives his life — their desires, needs and which IS NOT the same thing THAT surrounds him — it — he became the SUBJECT of relations with people and things around him.

What happens next with this “I” — the self-consciousness of personality, except for the natural crystallization, expansion, complexity, as a consequence of it, the child, the rapid development?

Self-consciousness — I or We?

Look what’s going on in the socialization process (humanization) of the child and, further, already an adult.

The society, in the face of parents, caregivers, peers and so on — all those with whom the child faces, begins not only to make the child a man, instilling in him the knowledge and skills of the person, and providing it with the human conditions of existence, BUT also CORRODE from him, his ego, his self-consciousness.

How, why, why? But because it is inherent in the very technique of socialization: show (often specify) man HE IS SO LIKE ALL PEOPLE.

And, since “all men” — this is his entourage, the child is instilled not what you people do, and that you — like us, — who are around you.

That is, there is an attempt to take out not had time to form “I” of self-consciousness in the mind of the child, and replace it with “WE” — the replacement of self-realization of personality on group self-awareness.

“I” to “We”, or “Me”, as I call it. Excuse me, but other associations, endowed with self-consciousness, group consciousness, I have no objections.

I’ll say more, I understand that the person from whom he squeezed his childhood “I” and replaced it with “We” is not further self-sufficient and independent personality.

Because, wearing his mask, which he wore, and identifying himself with that mask, he is nothing more than zombies, controlled by the life of this group identity.

And by the way, it didn’t blow him NOTHING, for it is his self-consciousness — its intrinsic property. And alter self-consciousness — to make a person COMPLETELY different.

And do it can be ONLY the person himself, but where is it to alter self-consciousness? — weak in spirit, mind and body.

Moreover, as a rule, a society that made him that way, keep it to yourself stranglehold, both literally and figuratively.

Self-consciousness. The importance of I and not We

Here, we are, in life, all saddened, “what is luck and how to fight it”. In most cases, sooner or later, knowing that all our bad luck is that we’ve done and will do in your life mistakes that basically boil down to the fact that neither of those and not then, and not entered into the relationship.

And isn’t the cause of all our troubles our “I” — self-consciousness, that is, we ourselves? Rhetorical question.

And, now, raise your hand who thinks that his self-consciousness, in addition to his desire, and even participate, in their time, not stuffed and continue to push what we ABSOLUTELY do not need and that has made us people who do not, and, in fact, the mistakes of others.

The errors of those who have replaced our “I” its “We”.

Who didn’t raise a hand, congratulations, — your “We” is in place, and most importantly, you’re lucky that you’re with him in the environment that shaped him. Sincerely: the further you happiness and prosperity.

Self-consciousness. How to maintain your I?

What remains to do to others, those who are engaged in the eternal struggle for the right to be themselves — to have self-consciousness, who, if they had natalial group identity, but realizes his nature, and tries to keep him out of the patrimony of the “I”?

What about those who, for various reasons, were NOT IN THEIR immediate society — became connected with the wrong people, married (married) and not on the wrong?

What to do if “I” is your husband or wife, turned out to be “We” his teachers and the people among whom he grew up? And you are completely satisfied.


Self-consciousness is formed and is closed to the outside ALIEN influences in 15-18 years.

That is, those who raised him and did so, still have access to his consciousness, as they are part of it. And you, if you are not LIKE them, this access denied. Are you in this relationship are not subject, object, unlike the first.

Your husband or wife, for example, will, even, you claim that he doesn’t want to live the way his parents lived and he bequeathed, and that he never listens and decides.

BUT if his self-consciousness, let, even, against his will, is belching their “We”, then, sorry, and he will be in this life «We» — such as they.

Moreover, sooner or later, even if previously people had rejected the impact on this group identity (e.g., parents, friends or a specific person), then comes the moment of truth, when a person completely identifies himself as a continuation thereof, and openly will be the winner of their “I” as their own.

Stating, for example: My parents Golden monument should be supplied, and you — no one! Or: I, you, here, fool, listen to, and they are absolutely right…


Self-consciousness — I or We. Formation, development of self-consciousness

1. Forget faceless people, because, their facelessness is a person who has not his “self” in self-consciousness, and is someone “We”, which he until then you can not show it.

He would do it intentionally or if he need something.

Or from what you have for him appeared a man from another world (which is, actually, in the beginning, yet he did not “understand”).

Or, stupidly, will be provided UNTIL your mirror, nourishing your illusions that he is such as you.

2. If you manage that common, to connect his life with a person who is not an independent and self-sufficient, — is not the subject of my life, if you don’t like it, of course, if there is the slightest chance, run from him as far as possible.

For, to live you are not with him but with a whole group of people who sit in his mind, in his consciousness, and cause him to be “We” not “I”.

And which they led, and will lead to further, in their interests, which, as a rule, with your (and Yes that is funny and bitter, and his too) are not the same.

But if there is nowhere to go, humble yourself, step back from this man as possible and find your consolation in the fact that you are not they, and not he (she).

And that, perhaps, if you try, your children (if any) will grow up to be like you, not them, and even better.

Well, it is, as always, my thoughts, what do you think, ladies and gentlemen: what is the relationship between I and We in the consciousness of personality? And indeed, self-consciousness — what is it?!

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