Fear syndrome 7 September!


The child is not lying – he really begins to feel ill at the very moment when it is necessary to go to study Photo: Vadim SISTEMININ

Psychologists have a term – “syndrome 7 September”. This is when a child, happily waiting for the start of school for half a summer, just a week of practice begins to sulk and complain about feeling unwell.

Unfortunately this is the norm for most first graders. Yes and older children sometimes this syndrome covers.

In this way children react to stress from the beginning of the lessons. The child is not lying – he really begins to feel ill at the very moment when you have to go to school or to do homework. But should stay at home or take toys like all the sickness here goes!

The beginning of the school year, many look forward to – everyone wants to see high school friends, and learn how the summer went. But just a week later – Hey, rutin, long time no see.

How to help your child survive a difficult period, says chief child psychiatrist of Moscow Anna Portnov, head of the division of clinical psychology of childhood and adolescence Centre of psychiatry and addiction psychiatry named after V. P. Serbsky.


– Anna A. why this is so: the child rested for a whole summer, and a week of study begins to complain that he was tired and did not want to school?

– It is a psychological response – the child may not immediately understand what he begins adult life and that games need to move to the seat at the Desk and discipline. It’s tough, most guys have there’s a protest, they want to go back to childhood. When a similar problem occurs in the middle of the year or at the end of the first class, this suggests that the child cannot cope with the stress, they are excessive for him. Usually there parents fault, because they overload the child in the first grade. And that by the end of first grade, children begin to realize that they hit hard! And all the joy of first-graders disappears completely.

– How to help the child integrate into the educational process?

– It must be done slowly. Many parents, in my opinion, make a serious mistake. They think: if a child started school, the child he by and large has to end. And you loaded it with additional classes. After school the child goes in one circle, then another, a third. And as a result six days a week he is on the case! On the one hand, it’s good, he’s not hanging out at home doing nothing. And when viewed from a biological and psychological point of view, the child at this age does not end. It lasts to ten years at least. The child needs to develop not only intellectually and physically, but also emotionally. He needs to play, to indulge, to communicate with peers in extracurricular setting. And parents should remember that their child is still small!


– If children are still small, we may in vain with the school in a hurry? Maybe have the guys with eight years in first grade to give, not six and a half, as often happens?

– How the child is ready for the stress is very individual. Now the children generally Mature much later. Many an eight year old is not ready for school. Sometimes, I lead student – he and good knowledge, and intellect, and speech developed. And psychologically the child! Well he’s still not ready for regular classes. And he is psychologically very hard to study in this regard.

– How to determine if child is ready for school or not?

– I would advise you to determine this is not how the child is able to read, know letters or numbers, but by how he matured as a person. He is ready to sit through hours in the classroom and behave responsibly or not? If parents find it difficult to choose and I’m afraid to miss something, should consult a psychologist. It will check not knowledge, namely emotional and personal readiness for school.


– How to help your child to quickly cope with the stress of the start of classes and to get on track?

– It is necessary to keep to the rules! We cannot allow the child stayed behind the TV or computer late. In General, is to limit the amount of time spent on the screen from the phone to the TV. And, of course, you need to avoid overdoing it! Do not scold the child for any failures. On the contrary, it should be noted the positive achievements that the child has formed self-confidence, desire for success, desire to his praise. Then it will lead to positive results.

– Many are nervous because of the fact that the new class, all the guys are strangers. But to approach and start a conversation or ask to play can not all.

Children who had difficulty with the contact can be for a variety of reasons. One child is very shy and insecure. Another too pushy and aggressive, he is not going well with the children. The third just likes to be the center of attention and does not recognize other authorities. If parents see that the child is upset and that something is not right, he is not talking about what is happening, or, on the contrary, everyone complains, you should try not to take one side or the other. No need to blame the teachers or to say that the child’s fault. We should start to deal with the help of professionals. But you should have not experienced girlfriends, and even the school psychologist.

Invite classmates to visit

The child is very difficult to integrate into a new class – especially if he came into an already established team. Easy and kids-first graders build relationships in the classroom, where all newcomers.

Help your child. So you can bring the holiday devoted to Day of knowledge (you can think of another reason). Call Pete with a third of the desks and waving from the second row – the guys with whom your child has already established or want to establish contact (ask which of the children in the class like him).

If a class with a well-established relationship – invite its informal leaders. So, incidentally, will be the occasion to meet with parents school friends of your child. Will someone confirm the information about “We didn’t have” and “how are we today to the second”. The more that you have yet to work with them to sit through hours at parent meetings!


If your child has several of these symptoms should consult a psychologist!

“I myself, as a parent whose son went to the fifth grade, I can say that perfect story is in the morning when the child comes to school at half past eight, and busy until seven in the evening. In this case, the child begins somewhere to hang out after hours of the day while parents are at work, nervous, worried, don’t know: whether he does

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