Educational computer games


It is well known that pre-school preparation of children plays an important role. All the kids have a moving character, a heightened sense of curiosity and low awareness of responsibility. And child to school only dedicated games and entertainment, it will be very difficult to readjust and get used to his new role – student. which must diligently and quietly to behave in lessons, to listen to the teacher, memorize new material and regularly do their homework.

Therefore, much attention is paid to preparing the child for school. But during this time it is necessary not just to impart discipline, to explain the new rules and responsibilities, and teach at least basic numeracy and reading. We need to develop his motor skills, memory, imagination, reaction and logic. And the best tool in this can be a specialized computer games .

And do not rush contemptuously to be bent and to snort indignantly!

These classes absolutely will not be like fun and a waste of time. In the development of these programmes were attended by child psychologists, and they were created precisely in order to help you properly and successfully to prepare your child for school. to correct omissions or errors in its development. And the brilliance and clarity will turn this lesson into a kind of game and will facilitate the child’s perception of the new material. Look closely, because in order to progress to the next level, we need to put out of blocks name of the Princess in order to get the sword is to place the right shapes, and to find a clue to solve the puzzle.

And don’t worry – modern computer equipment is completely safe for your baby and will not bring him any harm, if you will follow some rules and explain their importance to your child. First, of course, the baby should not be at the computer too much time. For children 3 to 5 years will be enough twenty minutes a day, and the older children, 6-10 years, you can go from half an hour to forty-five minutes.

Explain to the child what it needs:

– don’t touch the wires and machine parts that are not related to the lesson;

– do not touch the socket;

– do not sit too close to the screen – it needs to be from the eyes of a child no closer than arm’s length;

– when the computer malfunctions or failures in the program to call the parents and not to touch anything myself.

What are the computer games and how they can help your child prepare for school?

Experts share their not several types, according to their purpose:

developing logical thinking and memory of the child;

– improves motor coordination (fine motor skills);

– developing numeracy and reading;

– developing imagination and three-dimensional perception;

– developing artistic taste and child’s musical ear.

Consider, for example, the development of memory.

Psychologists say that the problem of kids that they can’t remember things and events as needed. Memory kids works spontaneously, remembering only the most vivid and emotionally powerful experience that can’t “bump in memory”. And, going to school, a first grader just need to be able to remember new knowledge “as needed” and not spontaneously.

How does the game? She just puts the baby to have to remember anything to use it during the game. and the beauty and the singularity of experiences simplify this process, help memorize.

The most popular games of this class are, for example, games where you need to assemble a picture from small pieces, which are all demonstrated in the picture for some time. Or to find and remove all pairs of images from the group, while all images are closed and can be opened simultaneously no more than two. Or to remember the location of groups of objects, and then, when they mix, arrange them in their places or to indicate missing.

Very useful games, which develop the child’s thinking. Didn’t you ever noticed how difficult it is for a kid to adjust to account “in the mind”, without using your own fingers, or learn to read “myself” and not out loud? This is because the child needs support for some external tools that are symbols (fingers while counting). Games help your child gradually to abstract from the actually existing things in the world. So, starting with objects familiar to the child, such as apples or dolls, giving her to understand that it is only the signs and not the real thing, the program is gradually changing them, transforming them into surreal objects that are not in reality, thus generating a sign function of consciousness, that is, understanding that there are several levels of reality of the world around us is and real objects, and pictures with their image, and words, and our thoughts… So the child learns to handle not only the real things that he can touch, but also images. Here is a good the game of finding a pair of logical or distribution of items according to some principle.

There are also programmes that foster the child’s so-called sensory standards, which, in turn, generate important mental qualities. In such programs, standards color or size are often hidden in some object, and the child’s task is to find the right benchmark.

Oh, and about the importance of motor development of the child’s responses and say no! After all, even in elementary school, some children have difficulty with the concepts of “right” and “left”, difficulties with the recording of “on ear” psychologists call this the coordination of joint activity of the visual (or auditory) and motor analyzers). Computer game could help in overcoming these problems. As in any game the child needs to click on certain keys (which develops small muscles of the hands and prepares the child to the letter) and to monitor what is happening on screen. But on how quickly the child can press the right keys to change the position of the hero of the game depends on its ending.

Plays an important role and selection of programs to fit your child according to age. Of course, if you can get five kid for his colorful and simple quest, the benefits will be enough.

For the little kids recommended games on perception. For example, to assemble a picture of several parts, place it in figures, for example, collect the bag of a doctor or to settle animals in their habitats. Also, will approach the game where you have to find the “hidden” action figure or object, or to compare two drawings.

For children 5-7 years will be a good game that requires the child to use his creative qualities. For example, to create a character (if done correctly, he comes to life), to draw a picture of a certain content. Thus, in addition, it is advisable to ask the child to come up with the name of the hero, to tell who he is, to compose a story with his participation, which, moreover, can be illustrated on the computer. Here will be your indispensable help – if your child is experiencing some difficulties, begin the story herself and let him continue.

With 8 years will be useful so-called design games in which you must collect a certain geometric figure from multiple data, or, conversely, to divide it into a predetermined portion. The fit and maze games and colorful or simple quests action with logic puzzles and tasks on intelligence and response.

But do not think that the computer is a wizard who can easily prepare your child for school will develop the necessary abilities and skills. Very much will depend on you the most. To interest the child, to maintain that enthusiasm, unobtrusive to give, to push to the right decision.

And, of course, very important your praise and smile! Don’t forget that your class is still studying. And you are the teacher, and the computer with all your might is nothing more than a tool designed to help you to deal with a responsible and difficult task pre-schoolchild.

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