Do I Need a child to the computer

I was recently amazed one three year old little girl: when I turned on the computer and said that we should wait it in the tone of a connoisseur said: «Loaded». I asked my mother where the child knows that the machine should boot. What your mother said to me, what about the fact the child was already six months as you know: every day she watches cartoons.

On this occasion, I have thought of a sad thought. Increasingly friends of children are not their peers, and digital gadgets: computers, game consoles. We give children, not thinking, and whether a child’s brain to explore the virtual space?

Children often receive as a gift than books, and electronic “toys”. They don’t draw in albums pencils, brushes, and drag the mouse cursor on the monitor screen. Kids get acquainted with flowers and geometric shapes for special educational programs. Alas, all the signs of the times. At first glance it seems that not anything wrong with what the child learns, and along with computer literacy is taught. Only here more often comes to mind the thought: but is it good for the child? Almost all know that sitting too long at the computer is harmful to vision. But it’s not the only trouble that can happen to a child if it be left alone for a long time «smart machine».

I read in the magazine “Psychology” (“Psychologies”) the opinion of a specialist, a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. He argues that computer technology is designed for the adult brain. Children’s brains are developing, and he’s already offering to master real world and virtual at the same time. He is unable to do for quite objective reasons: such are the laws of formation of the child’s psyche. So there are the rules of using the computer for children .

As the child learns to three years? He needs to touch, smell, feel, try on the tooth. In this case, all five senses of the child are actively included in the study. But if they work, then they develop. This is the process of learning about the world of man .

To six years the child develops actions with objects: he draws or paints the pictures, cut out paper shapes from clay or clay, lace, tying and untying ribbons, weaves cornrows, stringing buttons and beads on the thread, making crafts, collecting puzzles and mosaics. All these and other object manipulation and develop fine motor skills children’s hands. At the same time develops imagination and creative thinking.

In return you can offer the kid a computer? Not hard to guess. Getting acquainted with the world through a computer monitor, the child only sees. And nothing more.

I think there is something to ponder for parents. In this regard I have a question: and how many homes have clay? How often on the go, you raise from the ground the fallen sheet and ask the child what color he is, of the form, if he has teeth, whether he sees the veins on the leaf?

So whether a young child a computer? Of course, one should not altogether exclude the computer from the child’s life, but doing it is the only way of learning about the world is impossible. I already wrote in article «the Crisis of the first year of a child’s life: how to avoid mistakes». in the period from one year to three years the child learns so many new things, how an adult can digest in 60 years. Putting the child at the computer, we deprive it of the benefits given to him by Nature: to fully explore the world through all the senses, not just by seeing it.

How to properly introduce your child to the virtual way of learning? There’s got to act the so-called rule «3-6-9-12″. To three years no computer, up to six years no consoles, up to 9 years no Internet, up to 12 years old to use the Internet only with their parents . After 12 years, and until the end of childhood to put on the computers hard filters. You should schedule a for games: up to seven years they are allowed no more than 4 times a day for 15 minutes. If the games over a long period of time, then you can allow the child to sit at the computer and half an hour, but not every day, but 2-3 times a week. After seven years you can increase the time little games. But content has to be strictly controlled by the parents:

It is necessary to discuss the practical every game session with the child. You probably will ask about how he spent time at a children’s party, or did he show or new year’s performance. So why not discuss and a computer game?

Children’s educational computer software and games, no doubt, generate attention, memory, coordination. But they contribute little to the development of the emotional-personal sphere, and certainly not help the development of speech and imagination. So it is important to communicate with your child, tell him about your feelings and experiences, the child adjust to the dialogue. The only way the child will be able to explore virtual and real world simultaneously.

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