Differences between a man and a woman

Woman — this is the same man, but with a different body structure? Are there any major differences between a man and a woman . What they are called? Why attempt to equate both sexes fail?

Yes, this theme on my blog has always caused a lot of controversy. I tried to compromise, long tossed from one position to another… somehow even wrote that in a woman just has to be in moderation… But now will voice an opinion, backed up by simple human logic. Why they say that women’s nature — something special? Is it just tradition, and tales of the study some psychologists? What are the main differences between a man and a woman?

The woman is different from men not only on the structure of certain organs. The whole essence of the woman — not the same as in men. And due to this the structure of some organs and the purpose of women who declared by nature.

Often hear such phrases as: «the Only difference between the woman from the man — the ability to give birth. A woman gives birth, the man — no. That’s all the difference. Otherwise we are the same people. All differences between the sexes — the imposed stereotypes, attitudes, outdated traditions».

Here let us stop. What do you mean — to have a baby? Carry, bear, bring up a child? This really is a small difference? Just a small feature? Do you think that is not reflected on the inner qualities of a woman, her mind and her emotional?

We will not communicate with any ancient sources. Enough to focus on one fact: a woman gives birth. The woman created in order to give birth . For the woman, the child — it’s part of her. It — a whole epoch of her life. First woman mentally preparing for pregnancy. From the earliest years, the girls have to try on the role of mother. Carry a toy stroller, dress up dolls… as they grow up in every woman wakes up maternal instinct. Almost all the girls before you get pregnant, unconsciously begin to dream about the baby. With mild envy to look at young mothers and their funny tots… Yes, men sometimes go through this period, but still wrong. And even if so, after conception the differences between a man and a woman are increasing at an incredible rate.

Pregnancy… Nurturing the child… is it possible to put into words? How can you tell how radically changed the worldview of girls when approaching childbirth? Nature itself causes the mother to slow down, becoming softer and more feminine. With a big belly it is hard to be worn around town. No need to rush anywhere. And the dress is much more comfortable than trousers in special… In the abdomen develops a new creature… During this period, the woman understands what it means — to be with someone one. Learns to understand the mood of the little one intuitively, learning patience, care… Where did the man go through such lessons?

Childbirth. About them I will not speak, although it also leaves an imprint on the lives of women. The first months with the baby… more patient, more care, ability to stay up all night and the ability to love, to love unselfishly, despite all the trouble. Breastfeeding. Complex school. Of course, persistent with finding a baby significantly transforms the woman. The man somehow sustains this pace for a few hours… (For those who are walking these lessons -»the Child learns to serve, or how not to get angry at the child? «)

Generally, women stay home with the kids for at least three years. Three years of constant communication with the little creature. Three years of endless lessons. A different world, other requirements, other worries… Yes, the man is also changing after they have a baby. But how can you compare a round the clock service with try «to sit with the baby» 1-2 hours? Do you think that this little life will not create differences between a man and a woman?

Even after leaving for work, mother is another. It is connected with the child. She can’t return to his previous life and become the same as before. For her the world was quite different.

Is there a difference between a man and a woman before the baby is born?

So, it turns out, the woman becomes a woman only after birth? In some sense, Yes. But not quite. The woman originally another. Because nature knows that the woman will have a completely different life. Yes, our education, our society tends to equate all. This has a negative impact on the women’s qualities of girls. But I’m sure the nature sought every girl initially to make softer, more tolerant, more emotional and feminine. I used to be in its primary mission — to become a mother. To go through pregnancy, childbirth and raising a baby. The man will not be able to do so, even if you want to. Nature wanted every woman had at least three children. Otherwise, humanity would have died out. Nature has calculated that the greater part of his life, a woman will spend with the children. And gave her all for this. That is — femininity.

Why in the modern world, the differences between men and women are almost invisible?

Nature made us different. Today, however, women work on an equal basis with men. Women tend to realize itself in some external activity to the maximum and send all their strength. Learn to be strong, firm, and aggressive. And erase the differences between the sexes. Have they become happier? Well, if so. But they go contrary to their nature. Because the nature of the woman — to bear and raise children. A lot of children. After all, if not to the woman, who give birth to children? And if the woman will be constantly at work, then when she take care of his family?

But women are not to blame for the situation. We had always been told that we must be strong, effective, needs to work long and hard, earn a lot. We were told that to depend on men — it’s bad that children — a burden that has to quickly give their nannies or in daycare. I myself struggled and dreamed of a great career while in our lives has not come baby and turned my views…

What follows from this?

I’m not saying that the family — this is the only thing that should interest a woman. Of course not! The woman may be their job, a hobby that will not occupy it full time. Hobby — that’s fine, no hobby a woman will begin to get tired of life. She may be trying to realize their talents through a hobby. But to work for money — no. Sorry all, who sees no other way out. It — just my opinion, like everything on this blog. If children grew up, and the woman’s really like to work — well, if these conditions are not met… My opinion — no. («Should a woman work? » «the Woman is a housewife: how not to lose the interest of the husband? «)

In this regard, cooking, and farming can be called women’s work. Women’s responsibility. Of course, the assistance of the husband is to be welcomed, and when the baby is very small, the husband must help his wife… But together with the ability to give birth and breastfeed, nature gives a woman the right to sit at home. And obligation — taking care of the house.

Another duty of a woman I believe self-development . Of course, for men it is important, too, but women more possibilities… Sitting at home, you can listen to lectures, read books, learn something new, to do some creative (sometimes — along with children). Then there will be conversations about what a woman is degrading.

The differences between a man and a woman only at first glance seem insignificant. They are huge. So let us not make ourselves the men. Let’s learn to develop feminine qualities.

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