Computer games for the little ones.


Discussion of games, toys, techniques, devoted several posts, even attached. But there is no discussion of computer games.

The son of a few months playing at the computer. Initially, the games were held my rigid censorship, then it was an omission, when it played in everything, himself, now, again, censorship is installed.

I thought, and this was confirmed by later observations, some games do more good than harm, of course, on the precondition that the computer is not a substitute for everyday leisure, festivals, games with their parents.

In my opinion, a computer game is a wonderful addition to our life (at home) when the child has the urge to act . but there is no opportunity to repeat the activity of the parent (e.g., mother sews on the sewing machine). The parent has no time clock to take the child with interesting games and tasks that call for perseverance, and interesting, for self-employment to the child of early age – very few (I almost never find them).

I tried to make a rough selection criteria games.

1. The complete absence of “nervousness” – all sorts of shouts, screams, the inadequate response of the characters (which, of course, very good player child) – these games are undesirable.

2. The lack of scary moments . ghosts and other things, discussed a terrible voice that the child was filled and scared (Dating and such nonsense, from developers)

3. Probably the most important thing: more and more intelligent moments, i.e. games in which you only need to RUB, and watch the reaction of the character and nothing else – definitely excluded. Form a new “virtual reality”, giving nothing in return. Removed without hesitation.

4. It is desirable beautiful music, calm voice throughout the game.

5. (preferably) the Positivity of the characters. Shooting and any other fighting game already clipped the first item, however, is not a sin to repeat. Teach someone like Carlson in the cartoon “fool around”, and then explain, with the child. although, it’s not critical. And Shapoklyak passed, and Carlson, and the Wolf of “Well, wait a minute!”. games in this plan does not really differ, except that if there is a choice to choose positive, because in games the child not only observes, but also really works for this character.

Age limit intentionally did not specify, it is assumed that the games for the kids, for times when the child is able to hold a mouse, and have a burning desire . to work on the computer.

Maybe someone can suggest activities that fit on these items, or add a couple-three criteria? Or are there any review articles on children’s games?

Very interested in the opinion of psychologists, computer games, unless of course, someone took the time to research this issue.

I would like to compile some list of really good and useful games. Itself has busted more than two dozen, unfortunately, is suitable chosen, a little more than five. But really good games that are suitable on all counts – and less.

Will lead the first three games that can be called “wonderful”:

” Winnie the Pooh and the honey feast “, manufacturer: Disney – quest, about Piglet rabbit which was sent to collect food for the feast. The game is out of competition! Great artwork, great music. Other words, as “peaceful”, for the thrill of the game, not pick up. This was the first game of the son and of her competitors I found After playing “patch” the child even became noticeably calmer.

“Luntik. Developing tasks for kids.” From the point of view of rendering done not so high quality, but calmness, positivity is evident. Besides, a lot of interesting jobs that are performed in a relaxed manner characteristic of the cartoon.the character “loonie”.

” Freddi Fish ” – a collection of quests. One simple – “the Case of seaweed,” the fish looking for the missing seeds for grandma grouper. Child was in that part completely independently, without any interference from outside. In other parts of the meet difficulties and begins to manipulate the parent.

As I already wrote, – went through a lot of games, it’s quite a hard task, – to find, download, disappointed (advertising it). There was a time, set a few pieces, looked briefly, and left the child for self-study. Son, finding new shortcuts, run games. So, by the way, after a few days, in the criteria appears in the item number “2”, about the intimidating scenario. Without censorship still cannot, categorically. And censorship of conduct – have not the strength. “Beautiful” games is passed on a hundred times, recently played in some new, not passing on several points. And so want to find another work of art! (maybe the moderators will allow to write all that in this thread? )

Well, I want to hear the opinion of psychologists, and, if possible, recommended sources.

Computer games for the little ones.
  Discussion of games, toys, techniques, devoted several posts, even attached. But there is no discussion of computer games. The son of a few months playing at the computer. Initially,…

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