“Temporary separation strengthens the relationship”, I think you have heard it said? But is this true? In fact, the breakup only helps to better appreciate and understand the depth and strength of their own feelings, but whether the result of a temporary parting strengthening relations or they will stop — depends on many circumstances.

A break in the relationship may occur due to natural causes – forced departure, trip, etc. But is it worth to create such circumstances artificially? – Yes, sometimes it is impossible to do, but not always necessary.

If in a relationship it’s okay, I wouldn’t advise you to take a break just to “check your feelings”. In this there is no need, and the temporary artificial separation will do more harm than good. But sometimes a break in the relationship becomes the last resort to preserve them.

It happens that your communication reaches the stage where the partners are in need of some space and the need to “take a break”, with the belief that such a break will strengthen their bond. Let’s see if I take a break to save a relationship or not helps.

A break is not an alternative to the clarification of controversial issues. If problems exist, they will disturb you and when you will meet again.

When you are very much like someone, we tend to expect the object of your love, you must meet the feeling is not less in strength and depth than yours. This is the main source of all the trouble, and is called a simple word – “selfishness”. Over time the pair begins to take each other for granted, and gradually, their egoism holds a dominant position in relation to love. The result is in doubt, and not fade away love. When this occurs, it is necessary to talk frankly and understand everything, before you decide to end the relationship or take a break to decide with their feelings.

What is a break in the relationship?

Whether you like it or not, but any relationships with other people always need to compromise. Only stage of love is uncompromising, because you don’t yet know each other well enough to see the flaws. Not even so — if you win, you at the very beginning of a relationship is based on love, minimizes imperfections with your partner before beginning to irritate. Your hormonal condition that blocks any negative perception, even though “mind” you all understand and “see”.

As the relationship develops, hormones slows down, the mind takes precedence over the feelings that arise the first argument, there are reasons for resentment, have increasingly seen the misunderstanding is your ego is in conflict with the love of another person.

It is very hard to deal with my own feelings, because the “stimulus” (partner) is always present in your living space, and you have no time to raise awareness of the underlying mental processes that occur inside you. In this case, it makes sense to have a little break, to be able to forgive and forget the mistakes of his partner, and also to reflect on and critically evaluate their own behavior.

So, a few reasons to take a break in a relationship:

If you just started Dating, but one of you is moving too fast, starting to show the first signs of mutual obligation requirements, you can talk about the break in relations. This will help you not only appreciate the chance to be together again, but also to understand how both of you are compatible as a couple.

If you have a misunderstanding in the details, for example when you are both able to do something, but each of you believes that this “something” must do another. Very often such things flare up the first conflict. Finally, you might just get bored spending time with each other. Disappear common topics of conversation, and any discussion turn into an argument. All this is also a hint that it would be nice to take a break in the relationship.

If the partner does not give you sufficient living space, wants to bind you to himself, for no apparent reason becomes suspicious, talk to him try to explain that the trust — the basis of any relationship. Trust is an important factor in building a healthy relationship, and if you can’t build trust, it’s probably better to take a break.

As already stated, all relationships require compromise from both sides. But if you feel that compromises are only you, but your partner does, you will inevitably experience resentment and bitterness, which is not conducive to a normal relationship. If you are just at that stage, it is better to talk to your partner and explain to him your point of view on the situation. Do not rush to leave forever perhaps you only think or partner never thought about his behavior. The pause will give you both an opportunity to rethink many things.

How to make a break in a relationship?

After a pause in the relationship, you can save them from destruction. Break — does not mean that you abandon your partner and going to try my luck with someone else. It also does not mean that you both don’t love each other and are going to leave forever. You just give yourself some time to rethink the problems and issues that caused you to take a break.

During the break, try to do something, spend more time in the company than alone and try to rarely meet with your partner. Instead of experiencing frustration over the situation, try to mitigate any negative feelings and be optimistic about the continuation of the relationship.

When you feel that you can’t find a common language with your partner, be sure to discuss it openly, and you and he knew about the problem and related experiences. To take a break without such a discussion does not make sense, because the problems will remain. If the discussion does not lead to any solution, only then there is a reason to think about at least – break.

It is important to understand your partner what a break in a relationship is not parting forever, so he will not understand your desire to take a break, as an excuse to leave. This may be prove to be very difficult work, so be careful and considerate. Discuss your common problems, interests, talk about what you two have in common that separates or worried. Make sure that yourself and convince each other that after a certain time you’ll be together again, just now there’s no other way, and you make a break in order not to lose each other. Come to a common understanding and stick to their commitments.

How long should it take a break?

You have to decide for yourself, but I don’t recommend doing it shorter than two weeks and longer than five weeks.

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