Because it is such a secret place the land of tears

Essay “”Because it is such a secret place the land of tears””

1. Childlike.

2. Planetary travel.

3. Greatest mysteries of the soul.

In his book, Antoine de Saint-Exupery reveals the magic of the naive world of the little Prince. This is not just a journey through time and space. The writer was able to look into the soul of the little man and to lift us back door.

The planet on which travels the Prince, to create the whole world of adults, which is very far from direct the child’s perception and understanding of reality. With this small works we had the opportunity to see the world through different eyes, the eyes of the little man.

This approach of the writer affects the fact that we know the years in which it was written that piece. In the early 1940’s, marked by military actions of Germany against France, the USSR and other countries. In the summer of 1940 the French armed forces were defeated. The only way for the French not to obey the invaders were joining the Resistance. And here Saint-Exupery it is his works stood on the side of this movement.

In “the Little Prince” is not a word about war and soldiers. But there is made the most important accent: you cannot look at the world through the eyes of adults. After all, for them all around – only objects, numbers, etc. “Adults are very fond of numbers. Should not be angry with them. Children should always show great Forbearance toward grown,” says the little Prince. They have lost the childlike and don’t see how fantastically beautiful the world. And to understand the beauty, the writer first gives us fabulous world of the little Prince.

“. His home planet is all something the size of a house!” such a discovery makes for himself a storyteller. But despite such a small value, it conveys the essence of the little Prince. He cleans volcanoes, watching boab trees, often admiring the sunset. On his planet by chance, a mysterious flower, the virtue of which he estimates only on Earth. “You should never listen to the flowers. You just have to look at them and breathe their fragrance. My flower watered fragrance all my planet, and I want him happy”.With the image of a rose in the piece there is another thread. “His flower had told him that nothing compares to her in the whole Universe”. However, the little Prince saw in the garden on earth five thousand, all alike. But Fox reveals to him a secret: “Your rose is so dear to you because you gave her all his days. You are forever responsible for those who tamed”. This phrase has become a catch phrase. We should always keep those to myself “tied”, to try to protect them from the terrible world that surrounds the other.

This is the lost adults. Yes and the narrative shows that they are compared with the baobabs. “They imagine that they occupy too much space. They fancy themselves as important as the baobabs”, because it is with these plants has been fighting on their planet the little Prince. “But if the baobab is not recognized in time, then it is not to get rid of. It spreads over the entire planet. It will penetrate through to the roots. And if the planet is too small, and the baobabs are too many, they split it in pieces”.

Adults similarly destroy the world of children. They are entirely immersed in their own concerns, in addition, they did not care. Most clearly “vices” adults shown by the writer, when the main character travels around the world. Each character stands out for one main dominant trait. For example, in the king’s desire to rule, in the conceited man is vanity, in the drunkard is an example of a way to forget, in business man — seriousness, in the lamplighter — the futility of his actions, geographer statistical accuracy. All these types that appear on the way to the little Prince, living in a very confined space, they don’t see anything in the world, apart from the table, numbers, its a small planet. They are deprived of the opportunity to travel and see something besides that surrounds them now.

All of these “vices” are combined on a larger planet Earth. After all, what lines it starts with the description of the Earth: “there are one hundred and eleven kings, seven thousand geographers, nine hundred thousand dealers, seven and a half million drunkards, three hundred and eleven million high-flyers — and that about two billion adults. had to keep an army of lamplighter four hundred sixty-two thousand five hundred and eleven”. This means that on the Earth, other planets much more and more adults, filled with all those “flaws” that others.

It is here broken children’s aspirations. “Adults advised me not to draw snakes in or out, and more interested in geography, history and arithmetic and spelling. Here’s how it happened that six years I abandoned a brilliant career of the artist.” Adults, turning away from the beautiful in this world take their child. But in this world he is left alone: “So I lived alone and had no one with whom I can talk heart to heart.” Baby shower left the darkness for others. And gradually, the narrator accepts this with.

But in adult life he meets the one who not only understands his children’s drawings and aspirations, but it helps to be back in the magical world. And only on Earth the little Prince meets an adult who was able to understand a little soul. They are like pieces of one whole, world about which broken “vices” of adults. “I quit my job.I had forgotten about the ill-fated nut and a hammer, thirst and death. On one star, one planet, my planet, the Earth, cried the Little Prince, and I had to comfort him”.

The appearance of the little Prince has revolutionized the narrator. “Yes,’ I said. Whether it’s a house, the stars, the desert, the most beautiful thing about them is you can’t see with eyes. “That’s it, I guess, children differ from adults. They look at the world not through the eyes and soul. It is the soul talking with the world, and only she can understand the greatest mysteries. “This water was simple. She was born of the walk under the stars from the creaking gate, the effort of my hands.” All of this sees the narrator. And it turns out that the little Prince is not in vain visited on the Ground, he raised in the adult man the spark of childishness. “And at night I love .listen to the stars. It is like five hundred million little bells. ”

Probably lives in each of us the little Prince. We just hid it somewhere very, very deep. You just have to listen to him. “Anything they don’t want. Only the children pressed their noses against the Windows” of the car. “Only the children know what they are looking for.” Maybe we should listen to this magical voice and to be at least a moment in “such a secret place the land of tears”.

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