Anomalies parental love


The main secret of obedience

The ratio of children to parents is a mirror reflection of the attitude of parents to God. To change children, it is necessary to God to change parents-NML. Ask others more than yourself, much easier and easier.

Modern parent the world is filled with murmuring and grumbling:

— What naughty children, it’s amazing! Said, “Go to the store,” not went. “Take the bed,” not removed. “Wash the dishes”, — ‘t lift a finger. My strength is gone, in the coffin will drive.

Dear parents! Remember that God instructed to perform you daily, think about your Rodi research responsibilities. And if you understand that you do not perform, then looking truth in the eye, will reveal a simple truth: your children come to you. Children are rebelling because you are rebelling against those who put God above you: against powers, against the rulers at work, against the pastors of the Church. Children are disobedient to you, because you are disobedient to God. Children become indifferent to you because you have become indifferent to God. Children do not see you as a spiritual authority, because God has ceased to be your Patron. Children mirror their parents.

If you want to change the children, they change PE-ed by the Heavenly Father. Changes in you will lead to inevitable changes in your children. In order to bring up children in the teaching of the Lord, you need to be in it, soak in it, to live it. “Watch your life and doctrine, do SIM constantly; for by so doing you will save both yourself and those who hear you” (1Tim. 4, 16), i.e., wife, children and your house.

Fragile baby shower. How easy it is to destroy in it the germ of a great Man, how easily rastop-thief for his brutality unblown Bud of Divine election and calling are ingrained sense of inferiority. Who will be our children? Will they remain in bondage to the passions of this world, or will the sons of liberty in Christ? SVT. John Chrysostom said, “the age of the baby tender is the child quickly learns what he’s told, and, as a seal on wax, imprinted on the soul children what they hear. Thus their life is already beginning to lean or Vice or to virtue. Because if in the beginning, so to speak, in the run-up to dismiss them from Vice and guide on the best path in the future is to turn to skill and in the nature and they are not so easy will be on their own to avoid the worst, because skill will bring them to good works”.

“I and the Father are one” (John 10, 30), said Jr. once incarnated Son of God, giving us a sample of the relationship between Parent and Son. How many children today can, with dignity, to repeat these words about their relationship with their parents?

The Lord awaits our children. “Forbid them not, to come unto Me” (Matt. 19, 14). One day, Jesus Christ said, “What is the greatest commandment in the law? Jesus said, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, and with all your mind”: This is the first and greatest commandment; and the Second is like it: love your neighbor as yourself”; On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets” (Matt. 22, 36-40).

Two commandments — like rails, which runs a locomotive of our spiritual life. Pick one — and kata-strophe inevitable. To love the Lord first. Love thy neighbor, is the second. This is a fundamental commandments. Without them life becomes a desert, gloomy cemetery. They are interrelated. The second follows from the first. There can be no love of neighbor without love of God and love of God without love of neighbor. Violation of the first commandment inevitably entails moving from second.

And then, like a chain reaction of destruction: family, Church, social, economic and political. If crumbling Foundation, the whole structure collapses.

The love of God and love of neighbor — that risible-expected cornerstone of God’s Kingdom. Who is your neighbor? Who is involved? Who can be closer, but he who is called your son, who is all-Shay’s daughter.

To love God and to love children — on these two commandments hang the law and the prophets, the family and the Church, the country and the state, the earthly Kingdom and the Kingdom of God. Great teacher K. D. Ushinsky said, “Love is the only means to subdue the soul of the child. Who obeys another out of love, he already obeys a demand of his own soul and does his own business”.

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