Advice to parents about the labor education children

How to teach a child to work? Advice to parents about the labor education of children

▪ The attitude of the child to work to the greatest extent depends on the parents, from their personal example. If parents themselves are not very hardworking people and constantly sort out among themselves who should cook, clean and wash, and teach a small child to work as equals with age it will copy the behavior of their parents. And there are families where parents from morning to evening, busy work, to teach a child to work they don’t have enough time. However, children in early childhood with pleasure begin to help parents, shouldering their share of responsibility for the performance of work on the house. If parents teach one, and themselves act differently, then you should not hope that their child will grow up to be hardworking and independent person.

▪The older the child becomes, the more instructions it can execute. Parents should always encourage the child’s desire to help them. Already the three year old try to do everything themselves. Many people want to independently make the bed, get dressed, wash dishes or wash your clothes. Some parents at this stage of education are making a mistake, they didn’t have the patience to wait for the baby slowly will do what they can do themselves for a few minutes. Parents should be patient and compliment any child’s desire to work. Even if the mud after «service» child

▪ If kids 2-3 years perceive the work as a game, since 5-6 years, they are well aware that interesting in little. Therefore, if parents from childhood has not taught the child to the accuracy or scolded him for every fault in the performance of any duties, schoolwork, he will not.

Better make a list of things around the house and explain to your child that he is an adult and will be responsible for performing the following duties around the house. For example, on Sunday, the child must restore order in his room, on Friday to water the plants, and the environment helps to cook food or cleaned the bathroom. However, to shift the homework for the child also should not be. Responsibilities of the child should be feasible and not interfere with his studies, classes in a music school or in the gym. The child of preschool age are quite capable to throw garbage in the garbage chute, feed the fish or other Pets, to go buy bread or milk in the store. The important thing is not that parents can buy on the way home the bread and milk, take out the trash, and it is important to teach a child to responsibility, accuracy and diligence.

▪ Encourage children for his efforts at this age it is necessary cautiously. Better explain to your child that life — it is an integral part of our life and work at home people need to do together, like together to relax and live. Encourage child labour with small gifts or sweets is not worth it, in the future, without the benefit he doesn’t want to do anything in life.

▪To teach a child to work is useful not only to parents, it is necessary for the development of personality. Only labor is helping to raise the child responsible and successful person. But he who has not worked since childhood, gladly leaving all the responsibility for their failures in life and all the work first, and then on the wife or husband.

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